Scotland's Maritime Heritage at Portsoy Boat Festival 2024

The Portsoy Boat Festival, featuring live music, delicious food, historic boats, and an exciting Red Arrows airshow.

Glenglassaugh Scottish Traditional Boat Festival

Enjoy heritage boats, Red Arrows aerobatic display, music, dance, Scottish food, and crafts. Get your tickets now!

Stonehaven War Memorial: A Historical Landmark

Discover the majestic Stonehaven War Memorial, a poignant tribute to the war dead of World Wars on Black Hill.

East Aquhorthies Stone Circle - near Inverurie, Aberdeenshire

East Aquhorthies Stone Circle, a remarkable example of Aberdeenshire's ancient stone recumbent circles.

Balquhain Castle in Aberdeenshire

Learn about the fascinating history of the 14th century Balquhain Castle near Inverurie. Home of Clan Leslie.

The Maiden Stone in Aberdeenshire

Discover the Maiden Stone, a towering Pictish symbol stone rich in history and mystery, located in Aberdeenshire.

The Picardy Stone: A Unique Pictish Symbol Stone

The Picardy Stone, a unique Pictish symbol stone marking an ancient burial site in Aberdeenshire.

The Enigmatic Stonehead Recumbent Stone Circle

The ancient Stonehead Recumbent Stone Circle, a unique heritage site near Insch in Aberdeenshire.

Dunnideer Castle: Medieval Ruins & Panoramic Views

Discover Dunnideer Castle, a historic medieval tower house on Scotland's Hill of Dunnideer near Insch.

Leith Hall, a lovely mansion house in Aberdeenshire.

Delve into the storied past of Leith Hall, from its 17th-century beginnings to its significance during wartime.

Explore the Rich History of Huntly Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Huntly Castle, from its 12th-century origins as the Peel of Strathbogie to its transformation into a grand Jacobean palace.

Bridges in Scotland: A Journey of History and Engineering

Journey from the historic Brig O' Doon to the engineering triumph of the Queensferry Crossing.

Roseisle Beach: Explore Forests, Beaches & Wildlife in Moray

From historical WWII defences to panoramic sea views, discover what makes Roseisle a must-visit destination.

Spynie Palace: Scotland's Largest Medieval Bishop's House

Discover the history of Spynie Palace in Moray, the grand residence of bishops for over 500 years.

Portgordon: Stunning Sunsets & Seal Watching

A picturesque village on Scotland's Moray Coast renowned for its breathtaking sunsets and friendly seal population.

Orcas in Scotland: A Guide to Sightings and Conservation

Discover the majestic orcas of Scotland with our comprehensive guide. Explore the best places for sightings.

A locals guide to Buckie in Northeast Scotland

Uncover Buckie's rich history, and local attractions including the Fishing Heritage Centre and St Peter's Church.

The Highland Clearances: What Happened, When, and Why?

Find out more about one of the most shocking times in Scottish History - families were forcibly removed from their homes.

Discover Elgin, Moray: A Historical and Cultural Gem

Explore Elgin's enchanting history and sights, from the majestic Elgin Cathedral to serene Cooper Park

Free guide: 5 Days in Aberdeenshire Travel Itinerary

Explore Aberdeenshire's hidden gems with our 5-day travel itinerary, featuring castles, coastal trails, and ancient stone circles.

Is Haggis an Animal? Exploring Scotland's Culinary Myth

Is haggis an animal? Dive into the history, ingredients, and cultural significance of Scotland's iconic dish.

Free guide: 5 Days in Ayr/Ayrshire Travel Itinerary

Ayr Travel Itinerary. Immerse yourself in historic castle ruins, and delve into the world of Robert Burns.

Nacreous Clouds Scotland - Capturing Nature's Art in the Sky

Discover the ethereal beauty of Nacreous Clouds in Scotland. Photography tips, and the best viewing locations.

A New Year walk up Castle Hill in Cullen, East Moray

Join my wife and I as we take a short walk up to Castle Hill in the lovely town of Cullen in north east Scotland.

Aviemore Ice Rink: A Highland Gem for Skating Enthusiasts

Explore the history and charm of Aviemore Ice Rink. From its origins to the community-led revival.

Ancient Forest Twi-Lights 2023: Magical Night Walk at Landmark

Explore the enchanting Ancient Forest Twi-Lights at Landmark Adventure Park, Aviemore.

Zipline Aviemore: An Exhilarating Highland Adventure

Discover breathtaking views, safety tips, costs, and personal experiences at Scotland's stunning Alvie Estate.

Free guide: 5 Days in Inverness Travel Itinerary

From Loch Ness to Urquhart Castle, experience the magic of the Scottish Highlands. Plan your trip now!

A guide to Girvan in South Ayrshire in West Scotland.

Explore Girvan, a charming coastal town in South Ayrshire. Discover its golden beach, modern harbor, and historic Stumpy Tower.

Ailsa Craig, a unique island found on the Ayrshire Coast.

Ailsa Craig, a magical island in the Firth of Clyde. Explore its geological wonders and its role as a maritime landmark.

Scotland Travel Blog

Chris Thornton | Road Trip, Road Tripping

Welcome to Live Breathe Scotland, my name is Chris Thornton and this is my online space to blog about all things in my home country of Scotland. You'll find it full of practical information and advice on Scottish travel, places to stay / accommodation suggestions, cost, walks, a day trip, road trip itinerary / travel guide and general things to experience around Scotland. Maybe even a few Scottish recipes!  I also go into detail of Scottish history for each location I write about.

Live Breathe Scotland

Scotland is one of the world's premiere destinations with incredible mountains, ancient castles, fresh air and deep cool lochs. There are many fun road trips such as North Coast 500 & Islands, South West Coastal 300, North East 250, The Argyll Coastal Route and The Borders Historic Route. Golfers will be at home on many of our world-class golf courses, especially at the birthplace of golf - St Andrews.

I'm based in Moray, on the beautiful Moray Firth Coast, famous for its coastline (Bow Fiddle Rock) and wildlife.  More than half of Scotland's Whisky distilleries are based here and there are many tours available to see them.

Scottish Highlands is home to the highest mountain in the UK - Ben Nevis near Fort William and Loch Ness south of Inverness, world-famous for the monster legend.

Scottish Cities

The cities of Inverness, Edinburgh and Glasgow have a great deal to offer first time travellers with attractions like Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Harry Potter tours or Glasgow Science Centre and the Riverside Museum and Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park. Edinburgh is also world-famous for its New Year's celebrations.

The Scottish Isles

Scottish Isle's such as Orkney, The Isle of Skye and Isle of Lewis & Harris / Outer Hebrides have some of the most rugged scenery and great beaches in Great Britain. Up Helly Aa in Shetland is also a major attraction to experience.

National Parks

Scotland is home to two national parks, an important nature reserve and an area of special scientific interest. These parks have some of the most spectacular scenery in Scotland.

Scottish Food & Drink

Scotland is famous for its award-winning food and drink industry to rival anywhere in the world. With over 130 distilleries, Scotch Whisky is a major export to the rest of the world. Distillery tours are popular amongst tourists from America, Europe and Japan... and also with our English neighbours.

We also have the best traditional music! Speyfest and Belladrum festivals attract international visitors.

Visit Scotland for your next destination for adventures with friends, your experiences will stay with you for a lifetime.  Scotland is also ideal for solo female travelers and you will undoubtedly leave having made some new Scottish friends. 

This Scotland travel blog will help you plan your trip to Scotland, be it a few days or a few weeks.

I love Scotland, I hope you will too!

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