Discover Highland History & Art at Inverness Museum

Experience the rich history and culture of the Scottish Highlands at the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery.

Glen Grant Distillery Gardens and Visitor Centre

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Glen Grant Distillery Gardens, a unique highlight of Scotland's whisky region.

Gilmour's Linn and Charlie's Cave: Bonnie Prince Charlie

History, directions and pictures of Gilmour's Linn and Charlie's Cave, near Stirling in central Scotland.

Unveiling the Mysteries of Scotland's Sculptor's Cave

Discover Pictish art, archaeological findings, and delve into the cave's fascinating Bronze Age to medieval history.

Is there a Prince of Scotland? History of a lesser known title

Study the fascinating history and modern significance of the 'Prince of Scotland' title, currently held by Prince William.

The Speyside Centre: Fine gifts, food and gardening

Explore the Speyside Centre in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park. Shop local crafts, and try a clootie dumpling!

Exploring the Isle of Barra: Scotland's Hidden Gem

Discover the captivating Isle of Barra in Scotland. Immerse yourself in its rich history, unique geography and vibrant culture.

Skye Bridge: The Iconic Gateway to the Mystical Isle of Skye

Discover the history and impact of the Skye Bridge, a crucial connection between the Isle of Skye and the Scottish mainland.

The origin of the lovely word 'Bonnie' in Scotland

'Bonnie', a term deeply embedded in Scottish culture. Discover its origin, historical context, and its role in literature and music.

Foraging Scotland: A complete guide 2023

Explore the rich tradition of foraging in Scotland's diverse landscapes. Learn about popular wild foods and foraging safely.

How old is Scotland? The geology and history of our wee country!

Explore Scotland's captivating past, from its geological formation over 3 billion years ago to its cultural evolution.

Metal detecting Scotland: A complete guide 2023

Dive into the intriguing world of metal detecting in Scotland. Explore the history, legal aspects and best practices.

Kirkpatrick C2C: South Scotland's Premier Cycling Route

Experience South Scotland like never before on the Kirkpatrick C2C, a 250-mile coast-to-coast cycling route.

What county is Edinburgh in? From County to Council Area

Edinburgh's evolution from part of Midlothian county to becoming an independent council area.

Discover Dumbledore's Grave: Eilean Na Moine, Scotland

Unearth the magic of Dumbledore's Grave at Eilean Na Moine, Scotland, and learn about the location from the Harry Potter series.

Fort George near Inverness: A Tourist's Guide

Explore Fort George's rich history, architectural marvels, and the Highlanders' Museum at this 18th-century fortress.

Does Scotland have nuclear weapons?

Discover the complexities surrounding the UK's Trident program, political perspectives, and public opinion.

Can Scotland declare unilateral independence?

An article on the possibility of Scotland declaring independence without a referendum or other path to self determination.

An in-depth guide to Free things to do in Aviemore

An in-depth guide on a holiday to Aviemore on a budget. Lochs, forests, historical sites and money saving FAQs.

The Faith, Hope, and Charity Statues in Inverness

Faith, Hope, and Charity statues in Inverness. Learn about their journey from atop the YMCA building to their rightful place in the city.

Discover the Breathtaking Loch Fleet in the Scottish Highlands

Explore Loch Fleet, a serene tidal sea lagoon in Sutherland boasting diverse habitats, rich wildlife, and stunning landscapes.

Discover the ancient stone circles of Aberdeenshire

Discover the mysterious stone circles of Aberdeenshire, ancient monuments rich in history and folklore.

Inverness Cathedral: A Guide for Tourists

Inverness Cathedral is a scenic cathedral situated on the River Ness in Scotland. Dedicated to Saint Andrew.

Loch Arklet in the Trossachs National Park

Let's explore one of the smaller and less known lochs, not far from the more famous Loch Lomond.

Ness Islands, a brilliant walk near Bught Park in Inverness

Ness Islands Walk is a fantastic short walk across two islands in the middle of the River Ness in Inverness.

A visit to the wonderful Inverness Botanical Gardens

Inverness Botanical Gardens includes two large greenhouses, one for tropical plants and the other for cacti, read on to find out more!

A guide to Gullane Beach in East Lothian, near Edinburgh.

This picturesque one mile stretch of beach in East Lothian is a lovely day out with the family. Sand dunes, and fantastic facilities.

The Prop of Ythsie: A tribute to the 4th Earl of Aberdeen

This interesting memorial tower exists a short distance from Ellon in northeast Scotland. Lovely walks and views.

Exploring Loch Vaa near Aviemore, Scottish Highlands

Loch Vaa is a serene freshwater loch located in the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. Still waters and stunning mountain views.

Alvie Forest Food: Sustainable Scottish Cuisine in the Highlands

Alvie Forest Food is a unique Scottish dining experience in the heart of the Highlands, offering a seasonal menu.

Scotland Travel Blog

Chris Thornton | Road Trip, Road Tripping

Welcome to Live Breathe Scotland, my name is Chris Thornton and this is my online space to blog about all things in my home country of Scotland. You'll find it full of practical information and advice on Scottish travel, places to stay / accommodation suggestions, cost, walks, a day trip, road trip itinerary / travel guide and general things to experience around Scotland. Maybe even a few Scottish recipes!  I also go into detail of Scottish history for each location I write about.

Live Breathe Scotland

Scotland is one of the world's premiere destinations with incredible mountains, ancient castles, fresh air and deep cool lochs. There are many fun road trips such as North Coast 500 & Islands, South West Coastal 300, North East 250, The Argyll Coastal Route and The Borders Historic Route. Golfers will be at home on many of our world-class golf courses, especially at the birthplace of golf - St Andrews.

I'm based in Moray, on the beautiful Moray Firth Coast, famous for its coastline (Bow Fiddle Rock) and wildlife.  More than half of Scotland's Whisky distilleries are based here and there are many tours available to see them.

Scottish Highlands is home to the highest mountain in the UK - Ben Nevis near Fort William and Loch Ness south of Inverness, world-famous for the monster legend.

Scottish Cities

The cities of Inverness, Edinburgh and Glasgow have a great deal to offer first time travellers with attractions like Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Harry Potter tours or Glasgow Science Centre and the Riverside Museum and Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park. Edinburgh is also world-famous for its New Year's celebrations.

The Scottish Isles

Scottish Isle's such as Orkney, The Isle of Skye and Isle of Lewis & Harris / Outer Hebrides have some of the most rugged scenery and great beaches in Great Britain. Up Helly Aa in Shetland is also a major attraction to experience.

National Parks

Scotland is home to two national parks, an important nature reserve and an area of special scientific interest. These parks have some of the most spectacular scenery in Scotland.

Scottish Food & Drink

Scotland is famous for its award-winning food and drink industry to rival anywhere in the world. With over 130 distilleries, Scotch Whisky is a major export to the rest of the world. Distillery tours are popular amongst tourists from America, Europe and Japan... and also with our English neighbours.

We also have the best traditional music! Speyfest and Belladrum festivals attract international visitors.

Visit Scotland for your next destination for adventures with friends, your experiences will stay with you for a lifetime.  Scotland is also ideal for solo female travelers and you will undoubtedly leave having made some new Scottish friends. 

This Scotland travel blog will help you plan your trip to Scotland, be it a few days or a few weeks.

I love Scotland, I hope you will too!

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