The Fun House at Coylumbridge Hotel near Aviemore

A trip to the popular Fun House soft play centre at Coylumbridge Hotel near Aviemore. Playframe, cafe, arcades and mini golf!

Castle Roy near Nethy Bridge in the Scottish Highlands

A visit with my family to Castle Roy, just north of Nethy Bridge. Built by the powerful Comyn family around 1200!

The Bin of Cullen, a short hillwalking guide.

A short guide to climbing the Bin of Cullen, an excellent walk near Cullen and Buckie in Moray, northeast Scotland.

Is Scotland a safe place for tourists? Yes!

How safe is Scotland as a tourist destination? Scotland is VERY safe, let's look at the top reasons why!

When is the best time of year to visit Scotland?

A guide to visiting Scotland at different times of the year. When is the best weather? When is the high season for tourists?

Do you need a passport to fly<br> to Scotland?

A guide to passports in Scotland and the UK. Can you catch internal flights within Scotland? What are the other forms of transport?

What Does a Scotsman Wear Under his Kilt?

The great kilt debate is finally put to rest. Read on to find out what a Scotsman wears underneath his kilt.

What is Scotland's National Animal? The unicorn!

The unicorn is Scotland's national animal, but why? Let's look at the history of the unicorn and why it was chosen by Scottish royality.

Freak Weather: A short guide to tornadoes in Scotland

Do tornadoes occur in Scotland? Please read this short guide and history of tornadoes in Scotland.

Urquhart Castle on the shores of Loch Ness

We visit one of Scotland's most popular castles on the west side of Loch Ness, near Drumnadrochit.

Laggan Locks, between Loch Lochy and Loch Oich.

Laggan Locks on the Caledonian Canal and the Great Glen Way. Scenery, history and Scottish Engineering.

A walk around the circular trail at Loch na Bo.

Exploring the circular trail around Loch na Bo near Lhanbryde, Moray, with my wife and daughters.

My favourite castle in Scotland - Duffus Castle

A magical ancient motte and bailey style castle ruin, jutting out of the Moray landscape near Lossiemouth.

Is Scotland an island? The geography of Scotland.

An article looking at the island of Great Britain and the countries within it. We also look at the islands and Caledonian Canal.

Janet Horne - The last witch<br> in Scotland

The sad tale of Janet Horne, the last witch to be lawfully executed in Scotland. Read on to find out more about her.

A guide to the best castles to visit in Moray, northeast Scotland

A short guide to the best castles in Moray, tower houses, motte and bailey keeps and the traditional baronial style, Moray has them all!

The best things to do in the Dornoch area

A guide to great places to visit in the Dornoch area of Scotland - beaches, castles, wildlife and history.

Review of The Rustic Grill in Turriff for my 40th Birthday

A visit with my family to The Rustic Grill in Turriff, amazing burgers and pulled pork loaded fries!

The fantastic 5-star Historylinks Museum in Dornoch

A visit to the fantastic Historylinks Museum in Dornoch. It contained a wealth of information, items and exhibits, including a desiccated cat!

Where are the most haunted places in Scotland?

Guest writer Kieran MacRae takes us to the most haunted places in Scotland! Not for the faint hearted!

Pine Martens Scotland: Rare, cute and a wee bit vicious!

The elusive pine marten is making a comeback in Scotland. Learn more about this beautiful animal, including locations.

All women in Scotland can now claim free sanitary products

Since August 2022, period products can now be sourced for free at many outlets, including schools and community centres.

Fairy Glen Falls Rosemarkie on The Black Isle.

A detour from the NC500 to the beautiful Fairy Glen Falls walk near Rosemarkie, The Black Isle in the Scottish Highlands.

A guide to Lossiemouth on the Moray Coast

A short guide to the best things to see and do in the beautiful seaside town of Lossiemouth. Best restaurants and accommodation.

A short guide to Stirling in <br>central Scotland

Stirling is a wonderful city in central Scotland, steeped in history there is so much you can see and do. Let's find out more!

The new Lossiemouth Bridge to access the East Beach

Lossiemouth received a new bridge in 2022 to access the East Beach after the old footbridge became unsuitable.

A comprehensive guide to caravan holidays in Scotland

I love a good caravan holiday in Scotland! Let's look at the best holiday parks available, caravan types, and top tips.

Are there wolves in Scotland? Find out more!

Are there wild wolves that roam the hills and forests of Scotland? Not anymore, but some groups would like to reintroduce them.

Divach Falls near Drumnadrochit and Loch Ness

A picture perfect waterfall, not far from Drumnadrochit. Includes a great walk through stunning oak forests.

Cafe Eighty2 in Drumnadrochit, near Loch Ness

I try the best french toast of my life at Cafe Eighty2 near Drumnadrochit as part of my 40th birthday.

Scotland Travel Blog

Chris Thornton | Road Trip, Road Tripping

Welcome to Live Breathe Scotland, my name is Chris Thornton and this is my online space to blog about all things in my home country of Scotland. You'll find it full of practical information and advice on Scottish travel, places to stay / accommodation suggestions, cost, walks, a day trip, road trip itinerary / travel guide and general things to experience around Scotland. Maybe even a few Scottish recipes!  I also go into detail of Scottish history for each location I write about.

Live Breathe Scotland

Scotland is one of the world's premiere destinations with incredible mountains, ancient castles, fresh air and deep cool lochs. There are many fun road trips such as North Coast 500 & Islands, South West Coastal 300, North East 250, The Argyll Coastal Route and The Borders Historic Route. Golfers will be at home on many of our world-class golf courses, especially at the birthplace of golf - St Andrews.

I'm based in Moray, on the beautiful Moray Firth Coast, famous for its coastline (Bow Fiddle Rock) and wildlife.  More than half of Scotland's Whisky distilleries are based here and there are many tours available to see them.

Scottish Highlands is home to the highest mountain in the UK - Ben Nevis near Fort William and Loch Ness south of Inverness, world-famous for the monster legend.

Scottish Cities

The cities of Inverness, Edinburgh and Glasgow have a great deal to offer first time travellers with attractions like Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Harry Potter tours or Glasgow Science Centre and the Riverside Museum and Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park. Edinburgh is also world-famous for its New Year's celebrations.

The Scottish Isles

Scottish Isle's such as Orkney, The Isle of Skye and Isle of Lewis & Harris / Outer Hebrides have some of the most rugged scenery and great beaches in Great Britain. Up Helly Aa in Shetland is also a major attraction to experience.

National Parks

Scotland is home to two national parks, an important nature reserve and an area of special scientific interest. These parks have some of the most spectacular scenery in Scotland.

Scottish Food & Drink

Scotland is famous for its award-winning food and drink industry to rival anywhere in the world. With over 130 distilleries, Scotch Whisky is a major export to the rest of the world. Distillery tours are popular amongst tourists from America, Europe and Japan... and also with our English neighbours.

We also have the best traditional music! Speyfest and Belladrum festivals attract international visitors.

Visit Scotland for your next destination for adventures with friends, your experiences will stay with you for a lifetime.  Scotland is also ideal for solo female travelers and you will undoubtedly leave having made some new Scottish friends. 

This Scotland travel blog will help you plan your trip to Scotland, be it a few days or a few weeks.

I love Scotland, I hope you will too!

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