Aberdour Bay

Written by Chris Thornton | 9th of January 2024
Aberdour Bay

Situated just a short distance north of New Aberdour village, a slender roadway meanders down from the agricultural lands of Aberdeenshire, leading to the serene Aberdour Bay. Far from being a bustling sandy beach frequented by tourists, this location boasts an unspoiled, rugged coastal landscape. Its most striking features are the dramatic sandstone arches and caves that adorn the eastern extremity of the extensive shingle shoreline.

The beauty of Aberdour Bay is best discovered at low tide, revealing not only the architectural marvels of nature but also the intriguing rock pools left behind by the ebbing tide.


📌 Access via minor road, 1 mile north of New Aberdour.
🧭 O.S. Grid Reference: NJ 886646
🛰️ GPS coordinates: 57.671250,-2.192216
🚌 Infrequent bus to New Aberdour (1 mi)
🚗 Car park

Aberdour Bay Rock Arch
One of the impressive rock arches at Aberdour.

All information was correct at the time of writing, please check things like entry costs and opening times before you arrive.

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