About Live Breathe Scotland

So you want to know more about the website!? My name is Chris and I live in Moray, Scotland with my 3 daughters and wife. Moray is a fantastic place to live, with its rolling hills, fantastic beaches and pretty coastal towns.

Chris Thornton

I wasn’t born in Scotland, my father was in the RAF and based at RAF Bruggen in Germany in 1982. We returned to Scotland a couple of years later when my dad was posted to RAF Lossiemouth and lived just outside Lossie near Duffus Castle which ignited my love of exploring castles around Scotland. My mother is a keen photographer and she instilled an interest in it for me from a young age.

Moving to Buckie when I was 5, life in a fishing town was much different to the countryside of Lossiemouth. The people at school were nicer and spoke in a strong Doric dialect. I discovered a love of singing and playing the guitar and started a band in 2000 called “The Method”. For 6 years we enjoyed a little local success supporting Paolo Nutini, Biffy Clyro and playing an acoustic session on BBC Scotland.

Here are a couple of our tracks if you are interested in a listen!

The Method - Sit Down and Relax

The Method - How long is too soon

My old band - The Method

After graduating from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen as a fully qualified web developer I started my own business in 2004. I built the website “Highland Ultimate Bands List” in the early 2000s and really enjoyed the experience. The website had 500 members and promoted local musicians from Moray to everywhere west! The culmination of the project was a compilation CD of local music. I was immensely proud of the finished product, it looked so professional.

Highland Ultimate Bands List CD

My band split up in 2006 and I didn’t have as much time for the website due to family commitments - I decided to end the HUBL project. I really should have kept it going and seriously regret closing it, there were so many great bands in Moray and Highland. The domain was bought by another business so unfortunately, I can no longer use the hubl.co.uk name.

Since then I have been making websites for other people but always yearned for my own project again, so in early 2021 I decided to start LiveBreatheScotland.com and make good use of my back catalogue of photography taken on my trips around Scotland.

Why should you trust the information on this website?

Here is a list of reasons!

Cullen in Scotland

I seriously love living in Scotland, I’ve been to many places across Europe and America, but Scotland has a special something and feels like the right place to be for me. We may not have the weather most of the time, but we have the people, the food, the landscape and tourism to make it a world-class destination for travellers.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about the project or if you would like to guest post/contribute in some way... or feel free to just say hello! I now have a forum too, why not ask some questions if you're planning a visit to Scotland?