Big Burn Walk near Golspie, Sutherland

Written by Chris Thornton | 15th of February 2021 | Updated: 30th of June 2021
Big burn walk near Golspie

My wife and I have often holidayed at Grannies Heilan Hame, near Dornoch in Sutherland, Scotland.  There is a fantastic caravan park there with great facilities, and the golden sand of Embo beach.

We use Grannies as our base and head out to see the sights in the local area.  On one occasion we visited Dunrobin Castle, which was a fantastic day out… but then we spotted signs for something called “The Big Burn Walk”.  It was right next to Dunrobin Castle so we thought we would go and have a look.

Aurora Borealis behind Bow Fiddle Rock
Main Waterfall at end of walk

What we found was a really enjoyable walk through a forested gorge, with paths, multiple bridges, and many waterfalls… but the walk culminates at the end with a huge flowing waterfall.  There is a specially built viewing platform so you can get closer and get a better view of the falls.  The walk is worth the reward - it really is stunning.

Photography at the Big Burn Walk

The main photograph on this page was taken at one of the smaller waterfalls on the big burn walk, the light hit the water vapour perfectly to create the rainbow.  There are many opportunities on this walk for photography, not only of the burn and the waterfalls but of wildlife too.

Other information on the Big Burn Walk

The walk is ideal for dogs, but unfortunately is not suitable for wheelchair access.

Conditions: Mostly clear woodland paths, but can be muddy if it has rained a lot. There are bridges with steps and some steep slopes.

Distance: About 1.7 miles.

This is the road off the A9 that links to a small car park next to the walk.

Here is the car park.

The walk is also accessible from the east side of Golspie.

If you enjoyed this waterfall, please check out my article on The Falls of Shin too.

Map of Big Burn Walk location

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