Cairnfield Waterfall

Written by Chris Thornton | 3rd of July 2021
Moray Walks Waterfalls
Waterfall near Cairnfield House

On the back roads between Drybridge and Clochan in Moray is a little hidden waterfall on the burn of Cairnfield, some distance from Cairnfield House.

It’s a nice little spot off the beaten track that is good for a photo and experimenting with long exposures to change how the water looks.

At the otherside of the road from the waterfall, if you follow the burn you will see a destroyed railway viaduct bridge. The bridge was used as target practice for bombers in world war 2.

This area is very wild and there are some very steep inclines here, be very careful. Park near the small bridge on the road and follow the burn to either the waterfall to the south or the viaduct to the north and you should be safe.

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