Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and is steeped in history.  The articles below relate to Edinburgh and surrounding areas.
A guide to Bass Rock near North Berwick, East Lothian

A short guide to Bass Rock, an amazing wildlife haven in the Firth of Forth near North Berwick and Edinburgh.

A guide to Broughton Street Edinburgh

Broughton Street, not far from Princes Street, is home to many fantastic independent shops and restaurants.

What are people from Edinburgh called? Dunediners!

People from Edinburgh are called Dunediners, not Edinburgers! Let's find out why.

What is Scotland's National Animal? The unicorn!

The unicorn is Scotland's national animal, but why? Let's look at the history of the unicorn and why it was chosen by Scottish royality.

Arthur's Seat & Holyrood Park, in Edinburgh, central Scotland

Climb an extinct volcano in Edinburgh?! Fantastic walks, lochs and geology - a stones throw from the city centre.

How do we celebrate Christmas<br>in Scotland?

An article about Scottish Christmas traditions and how we celebrate this fantastic
holiday in Scotland.

Is Scotland a country? The UK's political structure.

Let's delve into the history of Scottish Independence & the political structure of the United Kingdom - Is Scotland a country?

A budget conscious collection of free things to do in Edinburgh

A visit to Edinburgh need not be expensive, here are some free activities you can do on your visit.