This category is for food around Scotland, somewhere I've eaten, or a region that produces something unique to Scotland.
How to carve a neep lantern for a very Scottish Halloween

An article about neepie lanterns and how to carve them. A great Scottish tradition in the Halloween holidays!

A trip to Coyote's Inverness for a burger and dirty fries!

Tempted by their instagram page, we tried the burgers, fries and milkshakes at Coyote's Inverness.

The humble neep is loved in Scotland, but what is it?

What are neeps? An in-depth article into one of Scotland's favourite root vegetables and accompaniment to haggis and tatties!

Family lunch out at Sandstone Cafe, Dornoch

Lunch out with my family at Sandstone Cafe, our favourite place to eat in Dornoch. Amazing paninis and homemade cakes.