Highland is a council area in Scotland and is one of the 32 council areas in Scotland.  It covers nearly 10,000 square miles of area in the north and north west and west Scotland.
Aviemore Ice Rink: A Highland Gem for Skating Enthusiasts

Explore the history and charm of Aviemore Ice Rink. From its origins to the community-led revival.

Ancient Forest Twi-Lights 2023: Magical Night Walk at Landmark

Explore the enchanting Ancient Forest Twi-Lights at Landmark Adventure Park, Aviemore.

Zipline Aviemore: An Exhilarating Highland Adventure

Discover breathtaking views, safety tips, costs, and personal experiences at Scotland's stunning Alvie Estate.

Free guide: 5 Days in Inverness Travel Itinerary

From Loch Ness to Urquhart Castle, experience the magic of the Scottish Highlands. Plan your trip now!

Free guide: 5 Days in Dornoch Travel Itinerary

Dornoch Travel Itinerary: How to spend 5 days in Dornoch in north Scotland, activities, hotels and places to eat.

Free guide: 5 Days in Aviemore Travel Itinerary

Aviemore Travel Itinerary: How to spend 5 days in Aviemore, activities, hotels and places to eat.

The best things to do in the Fort William area in West Scotland

Fort William, known as the outdoors capital of Scotland is a fantastic place for an adventure on the west coast.

Free things to do in Inverness, the largest city in the Highlands

A list of things to do in Inverness and the surrounding area on a tight budget. Castles, waterfalls and museums.

Culloden Battlefield & Visitor Centre near Inverness

Explore Culloden Battlefield, the iconic site of Scotland's last great battle. An essential stop for every history lover.

Rait Castle, a lesser known castle just south of Nairn

My wife and I visit the ruin of Rait Castle, the site of an infamous massacre in 1442 between Clan Cumming and Mackintosh.

Highland Folk Museum near Kingussie

Experience Scotland's rich history, from traditional crofts to age-old customs, in this expansive open-air setting.

Strathspey Railway: Scotland's Historic Heritage Railway

Step back in time with a ride on the Strathspey Railway. Explore Scotland's rich history with a scenic 10-mile journey.

Scotland's Cawdor Castle: A Journey into History and Myth

Explore Cawdor Castle's rich history, unique architecture, and mythical connection to Shakespeare's Macbeth.

NC500 Petrol Stations: Fuel Stops along Scotland's Iconic Route

A comprehensive guide to petrol stations along the iconic NC500 coastal route. Includes location map.

Discover Highland History & Art at Inverness Museum

Experience the rich history and culture of the Scottish Highlands at the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery.

Skye Bridge: The Iconic Gateway to the Mystical Isle of Skye

Discover the history and impact of the Skye Bridge, a crucial connection between the Isle of Skye and the Scottish mainland.

Discover Dumbledore's Grave: Eilean Na Moine, Scotland

Unearth the magic of Dumbledore's Grave at Eilean Na Moine, Scotland, and learn about the location from the Harry Potter series.

Fort George near Inverness: A Tourist's Guide

Explore Fort George's rich history, architectural marvels, and the Highlanders' Museum at this 18th-century fortress.

An in-depth guide to Free things to do in Aviemore

An in-depth guide on a holiday to Aviemore on a budget. Lochs, forests, historical sites and money saving FAQs.

The Faith, Hope, and Charity Statues in Inverness

Faith, Hope, and Charity statues in Inverness. Learn about their journey from atop the YMCA building to their rightful place in the city.

Discover the Breathtaking Loch Fleet in the Scottish Highlands

Explore Loch Fleet, a serene tidal sea lagoon in Sutherland boasting diverse habitats, rich wildlife, and stunning landscapes.

Inverness Cathedral: A Guide for Tourists

Inverness Cathedral is a scenic cathedral situated on the River Ness in Scotland. Dedicated to Saint Andrew.

Loch Arklet in the Trossachs National Park

Let's explore one of the smaller and less known lochs, not far from the more famous Loch Lomond.

Ness Islands, a brilliant walk near Bught Park in Inverness

Ness Islands Walk is a fantastic short walk across two islands in the middle of the River Ness in Inverness.

A visit to the wonderful Inverness Botanical Gardens

Inverness Botanical Gardens includes two large greenhouses, one for tropical plants and the other for cacti, read on to find out more!

Exploring Loch Vaa near Aviemore, Scottish Highlands

Loch Vaa is a serene freshwater loch located in the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. Still waters and stunning mountain views.

Alvie Forest Food: Sustainable Scottish Cuisine in the Highlands

Alvie Forest Food is a unique Scottish dining experience in the heart of the Highlands, offering a seasonal menu.

A guide to Scottish heather, one of Scotland's most famous plants

Discover the rich cultural and ecological significance of Scottish heather in this article. Learn about its history and traditional uses.

Aquadome Leisure Pool in Inverness, north Scotland

The Aquadome in Inverness boasts a wave pool, three flumes, lazy river and much more! A great day out with the kids.

The story of Ralston Cairn in Glencoe, west Scotland

Let's look at the story behind Ralston Cairn, situated in the breathtaking Glencoe Valley in west Scotland.

Are there palm trees in Scotland? The answer is yes!

Do palm trees really grow in Scotland? Lets look at this interesting tree which can be found in west Scotland.

The ruin of Bernera Barracks, near Glenelg.

The Bernera Barracks serve as a reminder of the government's efforts to assert control after the 1715 Jacobite uprising.

Uig Tower on the Isle of Skye, linked to the Highland clearances

Stories about the Highland clearances rarely end positively, but the people of Skye united against a wealthy landowner in 1884.

Guisachan House near Tomich and Glen Affric

Guisachan House, a fine mansion built in mid 1800s by Lord Tweedmouth. Famous as the birthplace of the golden retriever dog breed.

Earthquakes in Scotland: Seismic activity in Scotland.

All about earthquakes in Scotland. Does Scotland experience them? How powerful are they? Find the answers and more.

Loch Garten near Boat of Garten, beautiful scenery and forests.

A quick visit to the stunning Loch Garten near Boat of Garten. Ospeys are known to live and breed here in the warmer months.

Cairngorm Reindeer Herd, near Aviemore

A visit in late November to the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd, near Aviemore and Loch Morlich in the Highlands.

The Fun House at Coylumbridge Hotel near Aviemore

A trip to the popular Fun House soft play centre at Coylumbridge Hotel near Aviemore. Playframe, cafe, arcades and mini golf!

Castle Roy near Nethy Bridge in the Scottish Highlands

A visit with my family to Castle Roy, just north of Nethy Bridge. Built by the powerful Comyn family around 1200!

Urquhart Castle on the shores of Loch Ness

We visit one of Scotland's most popular castles on the west side of Loch Ness, near Drumnadrochit.

Laggan Locks, between Loch Lochy and Loch Oich.

Laggan Locks on the Caledonian Canal and the Great Glen Way. Scenery, history and Scottish Engineering.

Janet Horne - The last witch<br> in Scotland

The sad tale of Janet Horne, the last witch to be lawfully executed in Scotland. Read on to find out more about her.

The best things to do in the Dornoch area

A guide to great places to visit in the Dornoch area of Scotland - beaches, castles, wildlife and history.

The fantastic 5-star Historylinks Museum in Dornoch

A visit to the fantastic Historylinks Museum in Dornoch. It contained a wealth of information, items and exhibits, including a desiccated cat!

Pine Martens Scotland: Rare, cute and a wee bit vicious!

The elusive pine marten is making a comeback in Scotland. Learn more about this beautiful animal, including locations.

Fairy Glen Falls Rosemarkie on The Black Isle.

A detour from the NC500 to the beautiful Fairy Glen Falls walk near Rosemarkie, The Black Isle in the Scottish Highlands.

A comprehensive guide to caravan holidays in Scotland

I love a good caravan holiday in Scotland! Let's look at the best holiday parks available, caravan types, and top tips.

Divach Falls near Drumnadrochit and Loch Ness

A picture perfect waterfall, not far from Drumnadrochit. Includes a great walk through stunning oak forests.

Cafe Eighty2 in Drumnadrochit, near Loch Ness

I try the best french toast of my life at Cafe Eighty2 near Drumnadrochit as part of my 40th birthday.

Review of the Tomich Hotel near Drumnadrochit

Staying at the rustic Tomich Hotel country house near Drumnadrochit for my 40th birthday! Amazing food!

Carn Liath Iron Age Broch near Golspie, Sutherland.

An ancient broch not far from Golspie and Dunrobin Castle. Carn Liath is around 2000 years old and is a fascinating place to visit.

Steall Falls, 120 metre tall waterfall near Fort William

A visit to Steall Falls, a spectacular waterfall 7 miles from Fort William. A great hike with fantastic scenery.

Old Inverlochy Castle in Fort William near the River Lochy

A quick visit to the fantastic ruin of Old Inverlochy Castle, a 13th-century ruin built by the powerful Comyn family.

Spean Bridge Commando Memorial near Spean Bridge

A visit to Spean Bridge Commando Memorial, a fantastic monument to the heroic commandos of World War 2.

Pattack Falls, a small waterfall near Spean Bridge

Exploring the beautiful Pattack Falls, a small waterfall in central Scotland near Newtonmore and Spean Bridge.

Cobbs Cafe, big breakfast in the heart of Aviemore

We had a fantastic breakfast at Cobbs Cafe Aviemore as part of my birthday tour around central Scotland.

Climbing Ben Vorlich, and visiting the area around Loch Earn

Considered one of Scotland's best Munros for beginners, Ben Vorlich offers stunning views across central Scotland.

The Highland Games - a fantastic event held all over Scotland

Let's look at the Scottish Highland games - athletic events, history, music, locations and ticket prices around Scotland!

Lochindorb Castle, a focal point in history in the east Highlands.

Once home to Edward Longshanks and the Wolf of Badenoch, Lochindorb Castle is steeped in medieval history!

Loch a' Chroisg, picturesque small loch west of Dingwall

Learn more about the beautiful Loch a' Chroisg in this short article. Fishing, wild camping and Lochrosque House.

A guide to campsites and wild camping in Aviemore

Check out this guide for the best campsites and wild camp locations in the Aviemore area of the Scottish Highlands.

Scotland's real national animal - the proud highland cow!

Synonymous with Scotland, loved by tourists and locals alike, what is the enduring appeal of the Highland cow?

Moray Firth Dolphins, amazing wildlife on the Moray Coast

A short article on the 200 bottlenose dolphins that live off the Moray Coast between Macduff and Inverness

Midges in Scotland: A Survival Guide

The scourge of west Scotland, all you need to know about one of Scotland's most annoying biting insects.

Victorian Market, a wonderful covered market in Inverness.

The 152 year old Victorian Market in Inverness on Academy Street. Independently owned businesses in the city centre.

The best things to do in Aviemore and the surrounding area

A list of things to do in the Aviemore area, from skiiing, quad bikings, forest walks and zoo's, there is something for everyone.

Spey Valley Shopping in Aviemore

A great, if expensive shop in central Aviemore full of beautiful products including homeware, foodstuffs and clothing. Brilliant coffee shop.

Grannie's Heilan' Hame Holiday Park near Dornoch

A brilliant caravan park in north Scotland, near Dornoch in the Sutherland area. Fantastic beaches, castles, waterfalls and wildlife.

Kayaking on Loch An Eilein near Aviemore, Highlands

A morning kayaking on Loch An Eilein with my two brothers and good friends. Stunning scenery and a mysterious island castle!

Seeking refuge at The Cairngorm Hotel in central Aviemore

A single night at the Cairngorm Hotel in Aviemore, great atmosphere, bar and food on a stormy winters night.

Dalwhinnie Distillery & Village in the Scottish Highlands

A short article about the village of Dalwhinnie, and its famous distillery based in the Scottish Highlands of Scotland.

The Royal Burgh of Dornoch in the north Scottish Highlands

The town of Dornoch in north Scottish Highlands on the east coast. A lovely place with a cathedral and many nice restaurants.

Beauly Priory, ruin in the highlands of Scotland

The ruin of Beauly Priory, once home to Valliscaulian monastic monks from France. A great tourist attraction west of Inverness.

A trip to Coyote's Inverness for a burger and dirty fries!

Tempted by their instagram page, we tried the burgers, fries and milkshakes at Coyote's Inverness.

A visit to Clava Cairns located near Culloden battlefield

An amazing trip back in time to view the 4000 year old burial cairns and standing stones at Clava Cairns.

Redcastle ruin near Inverness<br>and Beauly

The ruin of Redcastle, situated on the Beauly Firth it is a wonderful castle and gardens to visit in The Black Isle.

Rogie Falls, a spectacular waterfall in the north Highlands

A visit to Rogie Falls with my wife in early October. A fantastic waterfall with a suspension bridge and salmon leaping.

Dunrobin Castle, one of Scotland's great houses

Held by the Sutherland clan for over 700 years, Dunrobin Castle is steeped in history and has a beautiful Victorian garden.

Scotland's two National Parks established in 2002

Created to preserve the wild landscape and conserve specialised habitats for wildlife. Stunningly beautiful areas of Scotland.

Dornoch Cathedral, 13th century church in the Scottish Highlands

Learn about the rich history surrounding Dornoch Cathedral and its Bishop - Gilbert de Moravia in 1222.

Skelbo Castle, overlooking Loch Fleet in Sutherland

A charming ruin of a Scottish Castle located near Dornoch in the north of Scotland. Currently owned by a Russian billionaire!

The Jacobite Steam train from Fort William to Mallaig.

This is a traditional train ride that covers many miles of beautiful countryside in southwest Scotland. Also the Hogwarts Express!

An Lochan Uaine - The Green Loch, located near Aviemore

A visit to the magical Green Loch in the Glenmore Forest Park, near Loch Morlich and Aviemore.

A trip to Highland Wildlife Park whilst staying in Aviemore

Visiting Highland Wildlife Park with my young family in July 2021. Polar bears, monkeys, tigers and more!

10 things to do at Loch Morlich, Aviemore

Here are my top things to do at Loch Morlich in the Highlands just outside Aviemore.

Treezone aerial adventure course based in Aviemore

A fantastic day out among the treetops on an aerial adventure course at the Rothiemurchus Centre in Aviemore. Cairngorm National Park.

The Falls of Shin Waterfall and Salmon leaping, Sutherland

The Falls of Shin Waterfall, visitor centre and Salmon leaping in Sutherland. Fantastic restaurant, play park and woodland walks.

Staying at Scandinavian Village, Aviemore, Highlands

My favourite place to stay in Aviemore, Scandinavian Village, a holiday resort on the west side of Aviemore.

Ruthven Barracks near Kingussie in the great Spey Valley.

The ruins of Ruthven Barracks - go back in time to the Jacobite rebellion and learn about a focal point in Scottish history.

Quad Bike Trekking at the Rothiemurchus Centre, Aviemore

Quad biking treks in Aviemore on the Rothiemurchus Estate over hills, moors and streams in the shadow of the Cairngorms.

Outdoor Go Karting at Aviemore Kart Raceway

Go Karting at Aviemore Kart Raceway in the Scottish Highlands with my brother and nephew. Who will get bragging rights?

Visit the iconic Culloden Railway Viaduct, near Inverness

Culloden Viaduct, the longest masonry railway viaduct in Scotland built in 1894. A great place to see while visiting Culloden Battlefield.

A wee adventure cruising Loch Ness with Loch Ness by Jacobite

A journey with Loch Ness by Jacobite Cruises down the iconic Loch Ness and Caledonian Canal. Will we see Nessie?