Scotland has many fantastic religious buildings, from churches, cathedrals to ruined Abbey's.  The articles below go into detail on some of these buildings.
Spynie Palace: Scotland's Largest Medieval Bishop's House

Discover the history of Spynie Palace in Moray, the grand residence of bishops for over 500 years.

Visiting the monks of Pluscarden Abbey, near Elgin, Moray

Pluscarden Abbey, a serene monastic landmark near Elgin. Discover its origins, significance, and the timeless beauty.

Inverness Cathedral: A Guide for Tourists

Inverness Cathedral is a scenic cathedral situated on the River Ness in Scotland. Dedicated to Saint Andrew.

The ruin of Elgin Cathedral, in Elgin, Moray

A short article about Elgin Cathedral, one of the finest examples of ecclesiastical architecture in north Scotland.

Beauly Priory, ruin in the highlands of Scotland

The ruin of Beauly Priory, once home to Valliscaulian monastic monks from France. A great tourist attraction west of Inverness.

Dornoch Cathedral, 13th century church in the Scottish Highlands

Learn about the rich history surrounding Dornoch Cathedral and its Bishop - Gilbert de Moravia in 1222.

A list of the best things to <br>see and do in Moray

Often overlooked by holiday makers, Moray is a fantastic county packed with interesting things to see and do.

The Scottish Saltire - The Flag of Scotland

A little history of the iconic Scottish Saltire flag, one of the oldest flags still in use in the world today.

Visit to the Kinloss Abbey Ruins & Cemetery in Moray

Ruins of Kinloss Abbey dating from the 13th century, one of Scotland's largest and wealthiest religious houses in Scotland.