This section contains articles of various tutorials, for example how to photograph something.  I intend to keep adding to this section over time.
Are homes in Scotland air-conditioned?

A guide to air conditioning in Scotland for tourists. Are they installed in Scottish homes for use in the summer?

Can you drink Scottish tap water? Water treatment in Scotland.

Learn about Scotland's tap water, from natural sources to the tap. Discover the processes ensuring its purity, making it ready to drink.

A comprehensive guide to Ticks in Scotland

Learn all about ticks in Scotland, their habitats, types, removal options, and the diseases they can transmit.

NC500 Petrol Stations: Fuel Stops along Scotland's Iconic Route

A comprehensive guide to petrol stations along the iconic NC500 coastal route. Includes location map.

Foraging Scotland: A complete guide 2023

Explore the rich tradition of foraging in Scotland's diverse landscapes. Learn about popular wild foods and foraging safely.

Metal detecting Scotland: A complete guide 2023

Dive into the intriguing world of metal detecting in Scotland. Explore the history, legal aspects and best practices.

An in-depth guide to currency and spending in Scotland

Everything you need to know about currency in Scotland. Scottish banks, ATMs, bank cards and coin/note denominations.

What is Scotland famous for? More than bagpipes!

Learn what makes Scotland famous – from its landscapes and cultural heritage to whisky and cuisine.

Is Scotland a safe place for tourists? Yes!

How safe is Scotland as a tourist destination? Scotland is VERY safe, let's look at the top reasons why!

When is the best time of year to visit Scotland?

A guide to visiting Scotland at different times of the year. When is the best weather? When is the high season for tourists?

Do you need a passport to fly<br> to Scotland?

A guide to passports in Scotland and the UK. Can you catch internal flights within Scotland? What are the other forms of transport?

A comprehensive guide to caravan holidays in Scotland

I love a good caravan holiday in Scotland! Let's look at the best holiday parks available, caravan types, and top tips.

A guide to tipping in Scotland, how much, when and where?

What is the tipping etiquette in Scotland? Do you tip every time or only in certain situations? Read on to find out!

Are there dangerous wild <br>animals in Scotland?

Scotland isn't known for its dangerous wildlife, but there are still animals that can harm you without undue care.

A guide to moving to Scotland and why you should!

Fancy moving to the best wee country in the world? Check out my short guide about why you should move to Scotland.

The darkest places in Scotland for viewing the night sky!

Where are the darkest places in Scotland to see the night sky? Dark Sky Parks, astrophotography.

How to drive in Scotland, a short guide on driving in Scotland

A short guide on driving in Scotland, rules, roads, road signs, car hire and the most scenic routes to explore.

Midges in Scotland: A Survival Guide

The scourge of west Scotland, all you need to know about one of Scotland's most annoying biting insects.

How to carve a neep lantern for a very Scottish Halloween

An article about neepie lanterns and how to carve them. A great Scottish tradition in the Halloween holidays!

When to see Noctilucent Clouds / NLCs in Scotland

A rare and beautiful sight in the night sky - Noctilucent clouds / NLCs in Scotland, what are they, when and where to see them.

How to photograph the Aurora Borealis in Scotland

My take on where to go and how to photograph one of the most amazing natural phenomena in the northern hemisphere.