Wild Life

Scotland has a surplus of wild life with over 90,000 different species that attract thousands of people per year.  There are a wide range of birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates.  The articles below are related to Scotland's wild life.
Orcas in Scotland: A Guide to Sightings and Conservation

Discover the majestic orcas of Scotland with our comprehensive guide. Explore the best places for sightings.

Is Haggis an Animal? Exploring Scotland's Culinary Myth

Is haggis an animal? Dive into the history, ingredients, and cultural significance of Scotland's iconic dish.

A comprehensive guide to Ticks in Scotland

Learn all about ticks in Scotland, their habitats, types, removal options, and the diseases they can transmit.

Are there European elk in Scotland?

Explore the historical presence of elk in Scotland, understand the causes behind their extinction, and reintroduction efforts.

A guide to Bass Rock near North Berwick, East Lothian

A short guide to Bass Rock, an amazing wildlife haven in the Firth of Forth near North Berwick and Edinburgh.

Spey Bay, WDC Scottish Dolphin Centre and Spey Viaduct Walk

Exploring Spey Bay, WDC Scottish Dolphin Centre and Spey Viaduct with my young family.

Macduff Marine Aquarium in West Aberdeenshire.

A mid February visit to Macduff Aquarium, a brilliant place to explore with a young family in Aberdeenshire.

The amazing otter, one of Scotland's most beloved animals

Scotland is a haven for otters, hosting around 8,000 of these playful semi-aquatic mammals. Found in both freshwater and coastal areas.

Loch Garten near Boat of Garten, beautiful scenery and forests.

A quick visit to the stunning Loch Garten near Boat of Garten. Ospeys are known to live and breed here in the warmer months.

Cairngorm Reindeer Herd, near Aviemore

A visit in late November to the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd, near Aviemore and Loch Morlich in the Highlands.

Pine Martens Scotland: Rare, cute and a wee bit vicious!

The elusive pine marten is making a comeback in Scotland. Learn more about this beautiful animal, including locations.

Are there wolves in Scotland? Find out more!

Are there wild wolves that roam the hills and forests of Scotland? Not anymore, but some groups would like to reintroduce them.

Are there dangerous wild <br>animals in Scotland?

Scotland isn't known for its dangerous wildlife, but there are still animals that can harm you without undue care.

Scuba diving in Scotland, locations and dive centres

Scuba diving in Scotland is actually very popular, with a wide variety of fantastic dive locations available; let's investigate!

Bears in Scotland - Do bears still exist in the Scottish wilderness?

Planning to visit Scotland, worried about bears? Read on to find out about bears in Scotland and where you can see them.

A short guide to common newts living in the British Isles

Scotland is home to some wonderful native species, lets look at the three newts that live here and where you can find them!

Scotland's real national animal - the proud highland cow!

Synonymous with Scotland, loved by tourists and locals alike, what is the enduring appeal of the Highland cow?

Moray Firth Dolphins, amazing wildlife on the Moray Coast

A short article on the 200 bottlenose dolphins that live off the Moray Coast between Macduff and Inverness

Midges in Scotland: A Survival Guide

The scourge of west Scotland, all you need to know about one of Scotland's most annoying biting insects.

Does Scotland have venomous snakes?

A look at Scotland's adder, the only venomous snake in Scotland and the United Kingdom. A beautiful and much maligned animal.

Millbuies Country Park fishing loch & walk

An autumn visit to Millbuies Country Park, a very picturesque fishing loch with a beautiful lochside walk.

Kayaking on Loch An Eilein near Aviemore, Highlands

A morning kayaking on Loch An Eilein with my two brothers and good friends. Stunning scenery and a mysterious island castle!

Rogie Falls, a spectacular waterfall in the north Highlands

A visit to Rogie Falls with my wife in early October. A fantastic waterfall with a suspension bridge and salmon leaping.

A list of the best things to <br>see and do in Moray

Often overlooked by holiday makers, Moray is a fantastic county packed with interesting things to see and do.

Trochelhill Country House Bed & Breakfast near Fochabers

Contender for the best bed and breakfast in Moray, Trochelhill Country House is a cut above the rest.

A trip to Highland Wildlife Park whilst staying in Aviemore

Visiting Highland Wildlife Park with my young family in July 2021. Polar bears, monkeys, tigers and more!

10 things to do at Loch Morlich, Aviemore

Here are my top things to do at Loch Morlich in the Highlands just outside Aviemore.

The Falls of Shin Waterfall and Salmon leaping, Sutherland

The Falls of Shin Waterfall, visitor centre and Salmon leaping in Sutherland. Fantastic restaurant, play park and woodland walks.

Moray Firth Seals, Portgordon Beach, Moray Coast

All about the seals that have made their home on Portgordon Beach and Craigenroan Rock at Strathlene, on the Moray Coast.

The magnificent Moray Firth / Coast in North East Scotland

Things to see and do on the Moray Firth / Coast in North East Scotland. Castles, Cliffs, Dolphins and more.