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Written by Chris Thornton | 16th of October 2023
BBQ beef burger and dirty fries at Coyote's Inverness / Coyotes Inverness

As part of our trip around the Inverness area, we decided to check out Coyote's café/restaurant on Academy Street in central Inverness and not far from the Eastgate shopping centre.

My brother had sent me links to their social media on Facebook and Instagram, the food looked amazing, with huge burgers and mouth-watering "dirty fries". Just check out their Coyote's Instagram page here and you'll see what I mean! I think the business was originally called Coyote Coffee but have rebranded as Coyote Burger. They offer both a dine-in and takeaway service.

Eastgate Shopping Centre

To be honest, it took a little willpower to try somewhere new in Inverness as we love to eat at Girvan's normally... I wasn't disappointed with Coyote's though. I love a good burger, and the Instagram page convinced me to give them a try!

We arrived at about 11.15 but were initially turned away due to an issue in the kitchen. We decided to check out the nearby Victorian Market for 20 minutes before returning to the restaurant where we were warmly welcomed by the staff.

The menu - burgers and fries

We chose our own table and were presented with the menus. There is a good variety of different burgers, including vegetarian and vegan options. Absolutely everything on this menu sounded delicious and I wanted to order everything, but I eventually settled on the BBQ Beef burger with a portion of dirty fries. My wife chose the BBQ fried chicken and shared my dirty fries. We both had a milkshake to complete the experience, strawberry and vanilla. Unfortunately, I forgot to double up my burger with the option given on the menu, so I had to make do with only one burger in my bun! Epic fail!

Page 1 of the menu at Coyote's Inverness, Coyotes Inverness menu Page 2 of the menu at Coyote's Inverness

We only had to wait about 20 minutes for our food, the great music playing in the restaurant made the time go faster! On first impressions, the food looked great, really well presented and definitely had a wow factor. It didn't look as impressive as the Instagram page burgers but I guess I should have asked for something like that if I wanted it.

The burger was pretty good, but the star of the show was actually the dirty fries... the spicy sauce used on them is delicious. You also get a load of chunky jalapenos on top which makes them pretty hot! I ordered an extra saucepot of ketchup but it really wasn't needed, there was more than enough sauce on the fries. My wife really liked her chicken burger too.

My wife's chicken burger at Coyote's Inverness, Coyotes burger.

The milkshakes were exceptional coming with a large topping of "skooshy" cream on top, I could have easily had two of them in one sitting (make them bigger Coyote's!).

Awesome milkshakes at Coyote's Inverness, vanilla and strawberry shown here. Cayotes inverness.


A short article this one but not much more to say - we loved our meal at Coyote's and would love to try other items on the menu the next time we're in Inverness. Check out their online menu here.

Coyote's is open from 11 am to 8 pm each day. They have an app where you can check waiting times and digitally queue for a spot.

So with Girvan's and Coyote's sampled and loved so far, where should we try next? What are your favourite restaurants in Inverness?

UPDATE: Coyotes have moved to Bank Street.

Coyote Burger location

All information was correct at the time of writing, please check things like entry costs and opening times before you arrive.

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