Millbuies Country Park

Written by Chris Thornton | 28th of February 2024
Millbuies Country Park

A favoured spot when I was a child, Millbuies Country Park (just known locally as Millbuies), is a beautiful place to go for a walk and not that far from the capital of Moray - Elgin - and the Glen Elgin Distillery. The main draw of the park is Millbuies Loch which is a man-made 16-acre fishery loch surrounded by steep hills with larch and conifer trees reflecting in the tranquil waters.

A wonderful country park for walking and fishing region, read on for more information.

Millbuies Loch

The loch was created by the original landowners by damming streams to create angling opportunities; the site was taken over by the Moray District Council in 1975 when it was gifted to Elgin. Fishing is now open to the public.

Huge trees at Millbuies, Impressive mature larch trees.

The Walk at Millbuies

Walking the lochside route is a fairly short circular route at 1.75 miles and could probably be done in 45 minutes at a leisurely pace. The walk is very sheltered with trees and high loch sides, the paths are gravel, and there are some steps. Unfortunately, the route is not suitable for wheelchairs.

Forest walk at Millbuies

Stepped section at Millbuies

Part of the walk

Wildlife & Flowers

There is a wide variety of wildlife at Millbuies, and red squirrels are frequently seen jumping from the trees. Other inhabitants include roe deer, badgers, rabbits and the elusive pine martin. On the water, swans, moorhens, and mallard ducks go about their business. If you are very lucky, you can even watch Ospreys hunting for fish. I have often seen dragonflies here on many occasions. Along the well-trodden path are many plants, such as rhododendrons and azaleas, many of which have information boards if they catch your interest.

Wildlife at Millbuies


Millbuies is the perfect place for photography with a wide variety of subject matter on offer. Autumn is one of the best times to visit, with all the red and yellow leaves reflecting in the water.

Featured path with planted rhododendrons and conifers lining the waters edge.

Photography opportunity at the small bridge


The loch is about 10-20ft deep in areas and definitely a hidden gem for fly fishers in Moray / Scotland. Bank fishing is strictly disallowed; boats are available but must be pre-booked in advance, with keys being collected at the car park office. The fish stock contained in the loch includes Blues, Wild Brown Trout and Rainbow.

A hidden flyfishing gem in Moray, Scotland

Car Park & Facilities

The dedicated free car park on-site at Millbuies is of a good size and includes an office, picnic benches and barbecue points. A large grassy area is also available for leisure activities.

Millbuies Car Park with picnic area

Our last visit to Millbuies Country Park

We visited Millbuies at the start of June this year after a great walk to Glen Grant Distillery Gardens in Rothes. The car park was pretty quiet, and I noticed that there was now a coffee stall situated on the greens.

Coffee van

Information board showing leisurely lakeside walks.

The plant varieties attracts wildlife. Hillside paths.

It's possible to see red squirrels feeding. Scenic views.

Dragonflies at Millbuies Country Park.

This visit was particularly special as there were hundreds of blue dragonflies buzzing all around the loch, especially on the far side. We took a slow walk around the main route and didn't follow the other paths leading to the other areas of Millbuies.

FAQs on Millbuies Country Park

How do I get to Millbuies?

Here are some directions from Elgin and Rothes.

From Elgin:

  1. Follow the A941 south, and you will see a sign marked Millbuies 1/2 mile on the left.

  2. Turn left, then left again onto the minor road.

  3. Look for the two signs for Millbuies, a green trout fishery sign and the white site.

  4. Follow this road a short distance and turn left into the car park.

From Rothes:

  1. Leave Rothes travelling north towards Elgin on the A941 via the roundabout.

  2. As you approach Fogwatt, look to the right for a junction with a sign marked "Millbuies 1/2 mile".

  3. Follow this minor road for a short distance, and look to the right for a sign marked "Millbuies".

  4. Continue on this road, and you will see the left turn to the main car park.

Millbuies on Google maps
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How can I book fishing at Millbuies?

Call 07960143498 or email, a great deal more information can be found on their Moray Fly Fishing website. No shore fishing is permitted; only fly fishing from a boat is permitted.

Is there public transport to Millbuies?

You can catch a bus from Elgin to Fogwatt, and then it is a 10 - 15 minute walk south to Millbuies.

Is Millbuies suitable for disabled visitors?

No, the paths around the loch aren't suitable for wheelchairs.

Are there any other attractions near Millbuies?

Elgin Cathedral, Duffus Castle and the many distilleries are well worth a visit. Glen Grant Distillery has a particularly nice garden available to visit for free, which includes a short gorge walk.

Loch Na Bo is another lovely loch sidewalk further to the north east near Lhanbryde.

Millbuies video clips

Here are a few short video clips from Millbuies.


Key information on Millbuies Country Park

  • Millbuies Country Park is a small man-made fishery lake south of Elgin.

  • Streams were dammed in order to provide angling facilities.

  • A popular place for people looking for a short walk in nature.

  • There is a dedicated car park with picnic tables and barbecue points.

  • The walking route is unsuitable for wheelchairs and buggies.

  • The entire route can easily be walked in under an hour.

Bird on Millbuies Loch.


Millbuies Country Park is the perfect place for a quick walk in nature, only a stone's throw from the biggest settlement in Moray. Great for a short trip with the kids and the perfect location for a picnic or a mini escape on your lunch hour.

Millbuies location map

All information was correct at the time of writing, please check things like entry costs and opening times before you arrive.

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12th of December 2021 @ 21:10:55

Millbuies is an exceptionally beautiful place to walk around. The paths are well-kept and every step of the way is rewarded with gorgeous views over the loch. Take a picnic and relax ... you won't regret it!