NC500 Petrol Stations

Written by Chris Thornton | 13th of June 2023
NC500 Petrol Stations

Dubbed Scotland's answer to Route 66, the NC500 (North Coast 500) is a 516-mile scenic route that starts and ends at Inverness Castle, taking travellers on a memorable journey through the rugged landscapes of the Scottish Highlands. Along the way, you'll pass through charming villages, imposing castles, white sandy beaches, and some of the most breathtakingly beautiful scenery in the world.

While the journey is undoubtedly spectacular, planning for the adventure requires careful consideration. One of the most important aspects to take into account is the availability of petrol stations along the route. Given the remote nature of the Scottish Highlands, petrol stations can be few and far between. Knowing where these stations are located can help you plan your journey more efficiently, ensuring that you don't find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere with an empty tank.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to the petrol stations along the NC500 route. We'll cover their locations, the services they offer, and any notable features that might make your pit stop an integral part of your journey. So, before you set off on your Highland adventure, take some time to familiarise yourself with the information in this guide.

Map of petrol station locations on the NC500

Here is a map of all of the petrol stations available on the NC500 route.

Overview of Petrol Stations on the North Coast 500

The route is home to a number of petrol stations, each with its own unique characteristics. Some are small, family-owned establishments that have been serving motorists for decades, while others are larger, more modern facilities offering a variety of services beyond just refuelling.

Many of the petrol stations along the NC500 are located in or near towns and villages, which can make them convenient places to rest, grab a bite to eat, or even do a bit of sightseeing. Others are more isolated, but these can offer a sense of adventure – and often, some exceptional views.

Check the opening hours

One thing to note is that opening hours can vary, particularly at smaller, rural petrol stations. Some may not operate 24 hours a day, and others may have different opening times depending on the season. It's always a good idea to check the opening hours ahead of time, particularly if you're planning to travel early in the morning or late at night. You don't want to arrive at a remote petrol station while running on fumes only to discover it's closed.

Remember, if some stations say they are open 24 hours, these could be unmanned, and you "pay at the pump" using a credit or debit card.

NC500 Petrol Station list

Here is a list of petrol stations on the route with Google Street View and What3words links.

Francis St Service Station
60 Dempster St, Wick KW1 5QA
+44 1955 604651
Streetview Location / ///escalates.carry.picked

Tesco Petrol Station
North Rd, Wick KW1 4QS
+44 345 677 9892
Streetview Location / ///

John o' Groats Filling Station
Main Road, John o' Groats, Wick KW1 4YR
+44 1955 611200
Streetview Location / ///inhaled.throat.unfolds

Alexander & Robertson, Main St, Castletown, Thurso KW14 8TU
Streetview Location / ///troubled.crunched.export

Bridgend Filling Station
Thurso, Bridgend KW14 8PP
+44 1847 894219
Streetview Location / ///letters.aviators.connector

W M Dunnet
Mansons Ln, Thurso KW14 8DD
Streetview Location / ///

Ormlie Rd, Thurso KW14 7DR
+44 1955 604444
Streetview Location / ///spruced.trim.winner

Bettyhill General Merchants
General Merchants, Bettyhill, Thurso KW14 7SP
+44 1641 521201
Streetview Location / ///nibbles.cups.eclipses

Tongue Filling Station
Fire Station, Tongue, Lairg IV27 4XL
Streetview Location / ///succeed.slant.hitters

Richard Mackay & Son Petrol Station
Durine, Durness, Lairg IV27 4PN
+44 1971 511209
Streetview Location / ///invented.scribbled.draw

Bervie Stores Filling Station
The Garage, Kinlochbervie IV27 4RP
+44 1971 521221
Streetview Location / ///pint.dwelled.overjoyed

Scourie Filling Station
Scourie, Lairg IV27 4SX
+44 1971 502422
Streetview Location / ///barbarian.saves.dizzy

Lochinver Petrol Station
Details from Google Maps
18 A837, Lochinver, Lairg IV27 4JY
Streetview Location / ///popping.pools.overlaps

Lochbroom Filling Station
Garve Rd, Ullapool IV26 2SY
+44 1854 612298
Streetview Location / ///pointer.trickles.indulges

Laide Post Office, General Store & Filling Station
Laide, Achnasheen IV22 2NB
+44 1445 731252
Streetview Location / ///lottery.stared.alpha

Gairloch Filling Station & Gift Shop
Main Road, Gairloch IV21 2BH
Streetview Location / ///diverts.moons.laminated

Kinlochewe Service Station
Kinlochewe Service Station, Kinlochewe, Achnasheen IV22 2PA
+44 1445 760227
Streetview Location / ///jetliner.maternal.lighter

Applecross Petrol Station
Shore St, Applecross, Strathcarron IV54 8LN
Streetview Location / ///culminate.hook.exam

Co-op Petrol Station
5 A87, Broadford, Isle of Skye IV49 9AE
+44 1471 822649
Streetview Location / ///

Pittentrail Garage
Pittentrail, Rogart IV28 3TU
+44 1408 641364
Streetview Location / ///visions.dumpling.obstruct

Gulf / Costcutter
Skymount Ltd T/A Bridgend Stores (Rtl), Ord Place, Lairg IV27 4AZ
Streetview Location / ///

Evelix Service Station
Dornoch IV25 3NG
+44 1862 811131
Streetview Location / ///stages.puff.butlers

Morangie Filling Station
Morangie Rd, Tain IV19 1PY
+44 1862 894800
Streetview Location / ///steams.intersect.against

Tesco Petrol Station
Tesco, Shore Rd, Tain IV19 1EH
+44 345 026 9671
Streetview Location / ///dignify.loosens.pupils

Asda Petrol
Knockbreck Rd, Tain IV19 1NZ
+44 1862 857124
Streetview Location / ///truly.encloses.pool

Invergordon Gulf Filling Station
130 High St, Invergordon IV18 0AE
+44 1349 854060
Streetview Location / ///pleaser.married.lightbulb

Morrisons Petrol Station
Dalmore Rd, Alness IV17 0UX
+44 1349 884132
Streetview Location / ///stadium.drawn.draining

Skiach Services
Evanton Industrial Estate, Evanton, Dingwall IV16 9XH
+44 1349 830182
Streetview Location / ///warm.classics.alleyway

Tesco Petrol Station
Mart Rd, Dingwall IV15 9PP
+44 345 677 9818
Streetview Location / ///clan.stew.grief

West End Filling Station
Strathpeffer Rd, Dingwall IV15 9QF
+44 1349 862221
Streetview Location / ///regularly.outreach.vital

Contin Filling Station
2 Riverside, Contin, Strathpeffer IV14 9ES
+44 1997 421948
Streetview Location / ///dame.bids.munch

Tore Service Station
A832, Tore, Muir of Ord IV6 7RZ
+44 1463 811622
Streetview Location / ///spun.gangway.grumbling

Great North Rd, Muir of Ord IV6 7XR
Streetview Location / ///strictest.destroyer.notion

Bridgend Service Station
Station Rd, Beauly IV4 7EH
+44 1463 782768
Streetview Location / ///fuses.mills.anode

Tesco Petrol Station
Business & Retail Park, 1A Eastfield Way, Inverness IV2 7GD
+44 345 677 9379
Streetview Location / ///paid.neon.lies

36 Old Perth Rd, Inverness IV2 3RH
+44 1463 248993
Streetview Location / ///

9 Longman Rd, Inverness IV1 1SD
+44 1463 224560
Streetview Location / ///pads.heads.claps

22-24 Longman Rd, Inverness IV1 1RY
+44 1463 230667
Streetview Location / ///town.others.goad

Morrisons Petrol Station
Millburn Rd, Inverness IV2 3PX
+44 1463 250260
Streetview Location / ///

Practical Tips for Refueling on the NC500

Proper planning and understanding of the route can make your North Coast 500 road trip smoother and more enjoyable. Here are a few practical tips to keep in mind when it comes to refuelling on the NC500:

  1. Keep Your Tank Topped Up: Given the distances between petrol stations, it's advisable to refuel whenever you're passing a station, and your tank is half or less full. This will help you avoid the stress of wondering whether you'll make it to the next station.

  2. Check Opening Hours: As mentioned earlier, the opening hours of petrol stations along the NC500 can vary, especially in more rural areas. Some stations may not operate 24 hours a day, and some may have shorter hours during off-peak seasons. Try to plan your journey such that you reach petrol stations during their operating hours.

  3. Payment Methods: Most petrol stations will accept credit and debit cards, but it's a good idea to carry some cash just in case, especially when visiting smaller, more remote stations.

  4. Fuel Types: Ensure you know what type of fuel your vehicle needs and that it's widely available at the stations along your route. Most stations will offer both petrol and diesel, but if you're driving a vehicle that requires a specific type of fuel, you'll want to check this in advance.

  5. Emergency Fuel: It might be worth carrying a small amount of emergency fuel in a safe and approved container. This should only be used in emergencies and isn't a substitute for regular refuelling.

  6. Consider Your Vehicle's Fuel Efficiency: Factors such as the weight of your vehicle, the steepness of the terrain, and your driving style can all impact fuel efficiency. Be mindful of this as you plan your refuelling stops.

  7. Electric Vehicles: If you're driving an electric vehicle, you'll need to plan your route carefully to ensure you can charge your vehicle when needed. More and more stations are offering electric charging, but these are still less common than traditional petrol stations.

FAQs on NC500 Petrol stations

Here are a few frequently asked questions about petrol stations on the NC500.

What is a petrol station?

A petrol station is where you can refuel your car/motorhome. These are called "gas stations" in the USA. There are pumps offering different types of fuel, and there is often a convenience store too. The term service station and filling station is sometimes used interchangeably with petrol station.

How frequent are petrol stations on the NC500?

Filling stations can be scarce in the more remote sections of the NC500, particularly on the west and north coasts. Play it safe and stay topped up as you travel.

What are the fuel types in Scotland?

The primary fuel types available at petrol stations in Scotland include:

  1. Petrol (Gasoline): This is the most common fuel type and comes in two main forms, regular unleaded and premium unleaded. Premium unleaded, often branded as "super" or "premium", usually has a higher octane rating which can provide improved performance and efficiency in some vehicles.

  2. Diesel: Diesel is also widely available across northern Scotland. It is used by many cars, vans, and larger vehicles such as trucks and buses.

  3. LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas): While less common than petrol and diesel, LPG is available at some petrol stations in Scotland. It's often used by vehicles that have been specifically converted to use this fuel.

  4. Biofuels: Some stations may also offer biofuels, which are made from organic materials rather than fossil fuels. These are less common but can be found in some locations.

  5. Hydrogen: Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are relatively rare, but there are a few hydrogen refuelling stations in Scotland, mainly in urban areas.

Remember to always use the correct fuel for your vehicle. If you are unsure, check the vehicle's manual or ask the manufacturer.

Are some fuel stations more expensive than others?

Yes, there is a huge disparity between costs at each petrol station, and cost savings can be significant if you choose the right ones. More remote stations are more expensive, and I hate to say it, but independently owned stations are normally much more expensive. That's not to say all of them price hike; many family-owned businesses should be supported as they offer essential services on the NC500.

Supermarket fuel stations are generally cheaper and less prone to price changes between stores, but even these sometimes take advantage and hike prices.

Generally, you will find the best prices at the start of your trip in Inverness, so leave with a full tank for the best value for money.

Are there supermarkets on the NC500?

Yes, and many of them have petrol stations attached, often giving the most competitive fuel rates. You can find ASDA, Tesco and Morrisons along the route. I often fill up at the Tain ASDA.

Can I use an electric car for the NC500?

It's possible, but given its rural location, there is an average distance of 18.4 miles between EV charging stations. That figure doesn't sound too bad, but there are large distances with no charging points available, so planning ahead will be essential. Personally, I feel I would suffer from range anxiety driving an EV here (animals on the road, cyclists, unforeseen delays), but many people have completed the NC500 in EVs.

The NC500 has also become a victim of its own success and has become one of the busiest routes in Scotland for tourists. This could lead to a delay in charging your vehicle if there is a high demand for charging points.

Anything to look out for on the NC500?

In addition to all of the amazing places to visit and fantastic scenery, keep in mind you will be driving some sections on single-track roads, passing places, and animals may stray onto the track. Have a look at my dedicated guide to driving in Scotland.

Key information on NC500 Petrol Stations

  • A petrol station is a place to refuel your car, motorhome or campervan.

  • The NC500 route is 512 miles long, so it's likely you will have to refuel at least once, depending on your vehicle's capacity.

  • Petrol stations are sporadically placed throughout the NC500 route; it's best to plan fuel stops for your journey.

  • There are fewer petrol stations on the north and west coast, the east coast has much more.

  • There can be large variations in petrol costs between stations; supermarkets generally have the most competitive prices.

  • Remote petrol stations will have much more expensive prices.

  • Remember to check the opening times for petrol stations if you are relying on filling up.


The North Coast 500 offers a road trip experience unlike any other, showcasing the stunning natural beauty and fascinating history of the Scottish Highlands. However, like any journey, it requires careful planning – especially when it comes to refuelling.

Your adventure on the North Coast 500 is more than just a drive – it's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of the Scottish Highlands. So pack your bags, fill up your tank, and set off on a journey you'll never forget. Safe travels!

All information was correct at the time of writing, please check things like entry costs and opening times before you arrive.

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