The Spey Larder Aberlour

Written by Chris Thornton | 18th of March 2024
Spey Larder Aberlour

Hot off the heels of our visit to Craigellachie Bridge, we decided to visit Spey Larder in Aberlour. I had heard great things about Spey Larder, particularly their famed sandwiches, so this was the ideal stop for us to grab a picnic lunch on our way to Ballindalloch Castle.

Despite driving through Aberlour countless times, I'm ashamed to say this was the first time I had stopped here... it seems like a nice wee town with a lot to offer. We parked directly on the A95 on High Street and took a stroll over to check out the shop.

Local produce at the Spey Larder.
Logo on the shop front.

Spey Larder sandwiches

You are met with the main delicatessen counter as you enter the store. The ladies here were busy taking orders and making sandwiches for everyone that came in. So we gravitated to the prices board to make our selections. There were plenty of sandwiches to choose from, and also quiche, meat pies, and home bakes on offer.

My wife and I opted to order four sandwiches! The sandwich chef initially took our order of two sandwiches, but we had to follow up with another two, much to her surprise! I'm glad we did, as I felt the sandwiches were a little small (compared to what you get at the Deli Shop in Keith). The staff were very helpful and courteous to customers.

We chose:

  • Chicken Mayonnaise.

  • Tuna Mayonnaise.

  • Chicken with mango chutney.

  • Mozzarella with sun-blushed tomato.

All the sandwiches came with salad, and we had the choice of different bread - white/brown/seeded.

Cheese at Spey Larder.
There is a large selection of great cheese at Spey Larder.
Minger cheese.
I found this cheese called "Minger", humerously, this is a slang word for an ugly person in my home town.
Rolls and cakes.
Bread, cakes and teas available at Spey Larder.

Sandwich price list

Here is the price list from our visit to the shop in June 2022.

Sandwich price list.
The sandwich price list at Spey Larder.

Local produce

While our sandwiches were being made we had a look around the shop; there are so many lovely items here, many of them made locally. The stand-out items are:

  • Many fine Scottish Whiskies.

  • Locally produced beers and gins.

  • Cheese, chutneys and jams.

  • Oatcakes and cookies.

  • A small selection of books and cards.

  • Chopping boards/kitchen utensils.

Great products available.
So many great products available at The Spey Larder, Aberlour.
Scottish Whisky.
The amazing array of Scottish Whiskies available.
Windswept beer.
Locally made beer!
More whisky!
More of the available whiskies.
Glenlivet whiskies.
Some of the Glenlivet whiskies available.
More products.
Another view of the many great products available.

All of the items in the Spey Larder are of exceptionally high quality; if you are looking for the best the region has to offer and food gifts to take home, you will find them here.

New owners at Spey Larder

In May 2022, the Spey Larder was bought by John and Kate Smith from the original owners, David and Sheana Catto, who had run the business for 20 years. The new owners are farmers, so expect to see even more local produce on the shelves soon!

Where is Spey Larder?

The Spey Larder is located on High Street on the A95 in central Aberlour on the north corner of the town square. 96 98 High Street, Aberlour, AB38 9QA is the address if you want to find it on a satnav.

Highland Bridges
Looking at Spey Larder from the other side of the road.

Public toilets are available a short distance near Alice Littler Memorial Park and Speyside Way Visitor Centre.

Spey Larder opening times

Open 9 am - 5 pm every day, closed on Sundays.

Where can we eat our sandwiches near Spey Larder?

There are many nice benches and places to sit in Aberlour Square, for example, near the war memorial... but if you like to walk, Linn Falls is about a 20-30 minute walk from the south of the town. Please read my article about Linn Falls to find out more.

Alice Littler Memorial Park would also be an excellent place for a picnic with a walk over Victoria Bridge afterwards.


We grabbed our freshly made sandwiches and walked back to our car, eager to continue our journey. We left Aberlour for Ballindalloch Castle on the next leg of my 40th birthday weekend, and ate our sandwiches at the castle car park... they were absolutely delicious, with my favourite being the chicken and mango chutney. I highly recommend a visit to The Spey Larder Aberlour.

Spey Larder Location

All information was correct at the time of writing, please check things like entry costs and opening times before you arrive.

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