Victorian Market Inverness

Written by Chris Thornton | 26th of December 2023
Victorian Market Inverness

My wife and I were in Inverness while checking out the local area for places to feature on this website. While walking around Inverness city centre, we really fancied checking out Coyote Burger after seeing their food on their Instagram, but they didn't open until 11.30.

Very close to Coyotes was the Victorian Market so we decided to have a look around to kill some time.

Entering the building itself is an experience, looking up to the red-painted metallic roof struts, shops line both sides of the interior, including gift shops, hairdressers and jewellers. This 152-year-old market really brings you back in time and the shops are independently owned and quite quirky... which isn't a bad thing nowadays with a cookie-cutter Starbucks on every corner.

The covered market hall of the Victorian Market

Shops at the Victorian Market Hall

There are a wide variety of shops in the market which take up the bulk of the retail units.

  • Colin Campbell & Co Jewellers
  • Ginger Fashion Accessories
  • Inverness Souvenirs
  • Kenneth Moore Jewellers
  • Ness Wear
  • Scotvapes Highland Ltd
  • Story Chocolates
  • Uppercut Gift shop & Barbers
  • Victorian Gift Shop
  • William Morrison Jeweller
  • Arcade Barbers
  • Duncan Fraser, Fish, Game & Poultry Dealer
  • Hastie & Dyce, Butcher
  • Stitch in Time, Tailoring & Alterations
  • City Florists
  • Carrgomm, People's Charity
  • Aeternum

Highland Council, central space indoor market and fish hall

Cafes at the Victorian Market

Three Cafes are based here which look interesting and inviting.

  • Ambience Cafe
  • Milk Bar
  • Cafe De Paulo

Wonderful Victorian style building and a warm highland welcome | Independent shops

History of the Victorian Market in Inverness

The Victorian Market was built between 1869 and 1870 after Inverness Town Council decided to build on unused land between Union Street and Queensgate. Opening on the 25th of May 1870, it welcomed customers for the next 19 years until a fire destroyed the original market in 1889. Many of the shop owners lost their entire stock, and many of the surrounding buildings were damaged, including the music hall which was very important to the city for musical performances and public meetings.

Reopening in 1891, the town council held a big ceremonial event to relaunch the market.

Victorian Market location on Academy Street, Inverness

The market hall will celebrate its 152nd anniversary this year.

Inverness Victorian Market Opening Times

Monday to Saturday: 7 am – 6 pm.

Sunday: 11 am – 4 pm.

Great shops available in the new units

When does Inverness victorian market close?

6 pm Monday to Saturday, 4 pm on Sunday. Some of the businesses within the market may close earlier than the actual building itself.

Why not browse this great historical market in the heart of Inverness?


The Victorian Market Inverness is a fun place to visit while shopping in Inverness, with great small businesses, and a quirky setting within the enclosed shopping area. Well worth a browse on your trip to Inverness city centre.

Victorian Market, Inverness
Victorian Market location map

All information was correct at the time of writing, please check things like entry costs and opening times before you arrive.

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Gavin Macbeath
6th of May 2023 @ 03:18:44

Hi,does anyone remember the florist in the Victorian market owned by Eric Mackey ?