Wynford Farm Park, Softplay, Farm and Café

Written by Chris Thornton | 30th of August 2023
Wynford Farm Park Entrance | Huge soft play playbarn

As a parent, I'm always on the lookout for new things to do with the kids, and with the recent closure of Playbarn at Lhanbryde we were on the look out for a new soft play centre. We were recommended Wynford Farm, it's still about an hour drive from us but we decided to check it out and spend the day there our three children.

What is Wynford Farm Park?

The farm at Wynford seems to be a working farm but has diversified into many different family-oriented activities. They still have all of the normal farm-based activities but also new modern activities too.

Wynford Farm Playbarn / Softplay

Wynford Farm has an extensive indoor facility comprised of a restaurant/gift shop and a large multi-level softplay centre/playbarn/playframe/adventure playground. There are castles, tubes, rope bridges, slides and ball pits, mini golf, you can really let the kids run riot here while you grab something from the cafe. This is definitely one of the bigger playframes we have visited, the kids really enjoyed it.

In a section below the playframe is a short track for electric go-carts, these are priced at £1.

Wynford Farm Park Playbarn | Adventure Playground

Birthday Parties

We have also attended birthday parties here in the past, there is a room off the play barn area dedicated for parties. The staff really make the kids feel special on their birthday and let them sit on the royal chair at the end of the table.

Birthdays at Wynford Farm Park

Wynford Farm Outdoor Activities

There are a variety of great family activities to do outside at Wynford farm. When you first go in there is a kiosk at the right for refreshments, and near that, an indoor insect shed area with reptiles and spiders and a talking parrot!

To the left of the entrance is an extensive sandpit area full of toys and a couple of slides. There is a water area here too so the kids can "plooter". My five-year-old liked this area and spent most of her time here on the visit.

Further past the sandpit there is a caged area with many varieties of birds including different types of chicken! There is a peacock too that cries out every so often. Past this area there are goats that you can feed by purchasing feed bags from vending machines around the park. There are baby goats too, they are very cute.

Wynford Farm Park Baby Goat

The central area has a selection of defunct farm equipment that the kids can play on, such as combine harvester and tractors. There are good photo opportunities here with them on the machinery. The central area also houses 2 large bouncing/jumping pillows and a bouncy castle, along with a zip line. Our kids loved these areas and spent a good amount of time on them.

Wynford Farm Park Tractor

To the right of the central area is a pedal cart track, this is great for whizzing round, even for the adults! There are tandem carts so you can take a child with you if they aren't strong enough to pedal themselves.

Pushing through the enchanted forest area and over a small stream/briggie, there is a more expansive area of the park. This area is home to deer, rabbits and tortoise. Further on there is a shed that contains ferrets, meercats, pigs and goats. There is a guinea pig enclosure too with baby guinea pigs.

Wynford Farm Park Shed

We made about 2 or 3 laps of the entire park taking in the sights in each area multiple times, we never felt bored or lacking for things to do. We spent the day here from about 10am until 3pm and everyone enjoyed it. The toilets around the park were very clean, and all the staff were super nice and helpful.

Wynford Farm Park Cleaning Station
One of the many cleaning stations at Wynford Farm Park.

Wynford Farm Café

The Café is very pleasant, there is a nice seated area that takes up the majority of the space, and the ordering / serving area at one side. A small area is used for gifts, these are quite expensive but of good quality.

Food is ordered by collecting a menu from the ordering area, then you queue to place your order. Upon placing your order you receive a remote buzzer, this is great as it allows you to go off and do other things while you are waiting for your order. The wait wasn't too long for us, we ordered the Angus Burger, Hotdogs and loaded Sweet Chili Chicken Goujons. The food was good, the hot dogs were a little cheap with the bargain basement basic frankfurter sausages, but the kids were happy. The chunky chips were great. Angus burger a little dry and tasteless, which is disappointing as I think they produce the beef themselves, the coleslaw was lovely.

Food pricing was OK. You are £1.75 for a can of fizzy juice. Menu can be seen here.

Wynford Farm Park Café | Rustic country Cafe

How do I get to Wynford Farm?

Wynford Farm is reasonably close to Aberdeen and situated roughly halfway between the A944 and A96. Google Maps directions worked perfectly for us, and it is well sign posted from the main roads. Use AB15 8RQ for sat navs.

Conclusion - Wynford Farm Park

My family and I would highly recommend Wynford Park for a day out, there is so much to see and do and the kids will be entertained all day. An ideal day out in the North east, especially if you are visiting Aberdeen city and looking for things to do in the Aberdeenshire area.

Map of Wynford Farm Park location

All information was correct at the time of writing, please check things like entry costs and opening times before you arrive.

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