Highland Soap Company Fort William

Written by Chris Thornton | 23rd of September 2023
The Highland Soap Company Fort William

The Highland Soap Company is located in the town of Fort William in the Scottish Highlands. This family-owned business creates a range of high-quality, natural skincare products.

The last time we visited Fort William, I wanted to check out Old Inverlochy Castle; when we parked at the car park directly next to it, we noticed The Highland Soap Company visitor centre. My wife's face lit up, and we went there first instead of the castle!

Established in 1999, the company has been dedicated to using only the finest ingredients, many of which are sourced locally, to produce luxurious soaps, lotions, and other beauty products that are both high-end and environmentally friendly using organic and natural ingredients.

With a commitment to sustainability and a deep appreciation for the stunning natural beauty of the Highlands, The Highland Soap Company has become a beloved fixture in the local community and a destination for visitors seeking to indulge in locally made products.

Our visit to the Highland Soap Company Visitor Centre

Entering the building, the wonderful aroma of all the bespoke fragranced soaps hits you, and the range of fantastic hero products are displayed on the unit directly ahead.

Products made from organic ingredients.

The biggest sellers here are the hand wash and lotions sold in black bottles with push dispensers. Their branding is really on point. The range includes:

  • Hebridean Seaweed (our favourite).

  • Lemongrass & Ginger.

  • Whisky & Honey.

  • Wild Scottish Raspberry.

  • Highland Lavender.

Products also include:

  • Beautiful gift sets with tartan zip bags.

  • Hand sanitiser.

  • Bars of soap.

  • Shaving brushes.

  • Scented candles.

  • Reed diffusers.

The products are excellent, we have been using the Hebridean Seaweed and Lemongrass, and Ginger body washes for a while now, and it is definitely a luxurious high-end product.

Gift sets at Highland Soap Company.
The gift sets are really nice. The bag can be used afterwards and is great quality.

The brilliant thing about a visit to the Highland Soap Company is that all of their products can be freely tested before you buy them. An elongated sink allows three people to try the product range at once. When you leave this shop, your hands will be super clean (and fragrant)!

Test the organic hand washes! Made with local produce.
Test the hand washes at the customer sink.

SLS Free / No Parabens

Highland Soap Company products are SLS-free (sodium lauryl sulfate) and contain no artificial synthetic surfactants (foaming ingredients). Their lotions and creams are free of paraben preservatives. These chemicals are known to be toxic to aquatic life and also damage human skin. HSC products only use essential oils and natural ingredients, many of which they produce themselves, such as seaweed.

Responsible Packaging

Keeping with the company's green credentials, you can bring your empty bottles and refill them at the centre. Not only does this reduce plastic, but it also saves you money.

A zero-waste stand exists in the centre with bath bombs, unwrapped soaps and candles.

The bottles, jars and lids are very simple and completely recyclable. The plastic used on the bottles is derived from sugarcane and not oil. Even when you receive an order via post, they are packed with compostable "white popcorn" stuffing made from maise husk.

Soap Making Workshops

It's possible to attend a soap-making workshop at the centre where you can design your own bespoke fragranced soaps. It costs £30 for a 2-hour session, including a coffee at the cafe while the soap is set. Check out this lovely video provided by their youtube channel.

Larder Café - delicious homemade coffee

The Larder Cafe is a great place to grab breakfast or lunch while in this area of Fort William. The spacious seating area gives ample room in these socially distanced times.

The food is fairly high-end and, therefore, quite expensive. For coffee and cake for 4, you will be looking at around £30 minimum. The breakfasts are £25 per person, which is expensive by anyone's standards, but lovely for a special treat.

Afternoon tea covered!
The cafe at the Highland Soap Company.

How to get to Highland Soap Company in Fort William

The Highland Soap Company can be found on the northeast side of Fort William on the south bank of the River Lochy and directly next to Old Inverlochy Castle ruin.

From the northeast:

  1. Travel south via the A82.

  2. Stay on the A82 at the first roundabout.

  3. Look for a right turn, marked both with a sign for the visitor centre and the brown tourist sign for Old Inverlochy Castle.

  4. Follow this road for a short distance and look for a right turn, again marked with the brown tourist sign for the castle and a weak bridge sign.

  5. Cross the bridge and follow the road to the right, passing the castle ruin on your left.

  6. You will see a large car park and the Highland Soap Company Visitor Centre building.

From the south/southwest:

  1. Enter Fort William on the coastal route from the southwest.

  2. You want to follow the A82 through Fort William and many roundabouts (at least four!).

  3. Look for this left turn after the fourth roundabout and leave the A82.

  4. Follow step 4 in the northeast instructions above.

Address: Inverlochy Mains, Old Inverlochy Castle, North Road, Fort William, PH33 6TQ.

Gin bottles.
A selection of gins are also available.

Highland Soap Company FAQs

here are a few frequently asked questions about Highland Soap Company Visitor Centre.

Is Highland Soap Company dog friendly?

Yes, but dry dogs only.

Who owns the Highland soap company?

Emma Paton founded the Highland Soap Company 20 years ago from her kitchen! She and her family run it.

Is the Highland Soap Company Visitor Centre disabled-friendly?

Yes, everything is on one level; there are ramps and no steps.

Soap products.
You are spoilt for choice in this shop.

Is Highland Soap Company Vegan?

Yes, most of the products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The only products that are not are the few containing organic honey and beeswax.

Are there other Highland Soap Shops around Scotland?

Yes, there are currently six shops in Scotland:

  • Two in Fort William.

  • Oban.

  • Aviemore.

  • Pitlochry.

  • St Andrews.

Their products are also available in many other locations, including distilleries, garden centres and pharmacies nationwide.

The Aviemore store, showing the refill bottles in the foreground.
The Aviemore store, showing the refill bottles in the foreground..

Key information on the Highland Soap Company

  • The main Highland Soap Company HQ is in Fort William.

  • The visitor centre is open between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday to Saturday, and from 10 am to 5 pm on Sundays.

  • The onsite cafe is brilliant but a little expensive.

  • The soap products are absolutely lovely and smell fantastic.

  • Soap-making workshops are on offer at some times of the year in dedicated soap-making rooms.

  • Factory tours are available.

  • Old Inverlochy Castle is directly next door to the visitor centre.

Highland Soap Company Visitor Centre main entrance.
The main entrance to the visitor centre.


The Highland Soap Company Visitor Centre is a lovely place to visit while in Fort William. It offers some of the nicest products you can buy in Scotland, and you can sample their delicious home-cooked food and then explore the castle ruin next door - a lovely day out with the family in west Scotland.

All information was correct at the time of writing, please check things like entry costs and opening times before you arrive.

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