Dornoch is a small down in the county of Sutherland in the Highlands of Scotland.  Situated on the Dornoch Firth which leads into the Moray Firth, the town is a seaside resort, as well as a historic hub, with it's castle, jail and cathedral.  The articles below are related to Dornoch and the surrounding area.
Free guide: 5 Days in Dornoch Travel Itinerary

Dornoch Travel Itinerary: How to spend 5 days in Dornoch in north Scotland, activities, hotels and places to eat.

Discover the Breathtaking Loch Fleet in the Scottish Highlands

Explore Loch Fleet, a serene tidal sea lagoon in Sutherland boasting diverse habitats, rich wildlife, and stunning landscapes.

Janet Horne - The last witch<br> in Scotland

The sad tale of Janet Horne, the last witch to be lawfully executed in Scotland. Read on to find out more about her.

The best things to do in the Dornoch area

A guide to great places to visit in the Dornoch area of Scotland - beaches, castles, wildlife and history.

The fantastic 5-star Historylinks Museum in Dornoch

A visit to the fantastic Historylinks Museum in Dornoch. It contained a wealth of information, items and exhibits, including a desiccated cat!

Grannie's Heilan' Hame Holiday Park near Dornoch

A brilliant caravan park in north Scotland, near Dornoch in the Sutherland area. Fantastic beaches, castles, waterfalls and wildlife.

The Royal Burgh of Dornoch in the north Scottish Highlands

The town of Dornoch in north Scottish Highlands on the east coast. A lovely place with a cathedral and many nice restaurants.

Dunrobin Castle, one of Scotland's great houses

Held by the Sutherland clan for over 700 years, Dunrobin Castle is steeped in history and has a beautiful Victorian garden.

Dornoch Cathedral, 13th century church in the Scottish Highlands

Learn about the rich history surrounding Dornoch Cathedral and its Bishop - Gilbert de Moravia in 1222.

Skelbo Castle, overlooking Loch Fleet in Sutherland

A charming ruin of a Scottish Castle located near Dornoch in the north of Scotland. Currently owned by a Russian billionaire!

Family lunch out at Sandstone Cafe, Dornoch

Lunch out with my family at Sandstone Cafe, our favourite place to eat in Dornoch. Amazing paninis and homemade cakes.