What are people from Edinburgh called? Dunediners!

Written by Chris Thornton | 7th of December 2022
What are people from Edinburgh called?

The official title for people born or living in Edinburgh is "Dunediner", although it's unlikely you will hear anyone call them that in modern times, even in Edinburgh itself.

All of the major cities in Scotland have names for their inhabitants, for example:

  • Aberdeen - Aberdonians

  • Dundee - Dundonians

  • Glasgow - Glaswegians

  • Inverness - Invernesians

So why is Edinburgh different?

It comes down to the old name for Edinburgh - "Dunedin" derived from the Scottish Gaelic for Edinburgh -"Dùn Èideann"... so it made sense to call someone a "Dunediner".

There is a town in New Zealand named Dunedin, often called "Edinburgh of the south".

What do people from Edinburgh call themselves on a daily basis?

That's a tricky question to answer; no one really knows what is best.

  • "Edinburgher" (Which nobody ever says!).

  • "Edinburger" (Sounds like it should come with chips).

  • "Edinburgundian" (Kind of sounds French).

  • "Edinburgenzian" (Sounds terrible).

  • "Edinburghians" (Too much of a mouthful!).

  • "Edinburgensian" (No).

  • "Edinburite" (Let's just stop now!).

I think most people from Edinburgh would say, "I'm from Edinburgh", rather than getting entangled in a debate over what people from Edinburgh should be called or using a word that would cause more confusion. Dunediner hardly makes it obvious where they are from, unlike "Aberdonian".

Interestingly, people from Leith (part of Edinburgh) call themselves "Leithers".


So there we have it, "Dunediner" is the official name of someone from Edinburgh, but very rarely used in modern times. If you're from Edinburgh, what do you call yourself?

All information was correct at the time of writing, please check things like entry costs and opening times before you arrive.

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