Standing Stones / Stone Circles / Cairns

Stone Circles of varying sizes can be found all over Scotland, build thousands of years ago as part of religious or ceremonial practices.
East Aquhorthies Stone Circle - near Inverurie, Aberdeenshire

East Aquhorthies Stone Circle, a remarkable example of Aberdeenshire's ancient stone recumbent circles.

The Maiden Stone in Aberdeenshire

Discover the Maiden Stone, a towering Pictish symbol stone rich in history and mystery, located in Aberdeenshire.

The Picardy Stone: A Unique Pictish Symbol Stone

The Picardy Stone, a unique Pictish symbol stone marking an ancient burial site in Aberdeenshire.

The Enigmatic Stonehead Recumbent Stone Circle

The ancient Stonehead Recumbent Stone Circle, a unique heritage site near Insch in Aberdeenshire.

Lundin Links Standing Stones on a historic golf course

Towering amidst a historic golf course in Fife, Scotland, these prehistoric monoliths offer a unique blend of sports and history.

Discover the ancient stone circles of Aberdeenshire

Discover the mysterious stone circles of Aberdeenshire, ancient monuments rich in history and folklore.

Corrimony Chambered Cairn near Drumnadrochit

A four thousand year old burial site, similar in design to the chambered cairns at Balnuaran of Clava near Inverness.

Marionburgh Cairn and Stone Circle near Ballindalloch Castle

A quick visit to this interesting 4000 year old ring cairn and stone circle near the Ballindalloch Castle ticket office.

Inveravon Pictish Stones near Ballindalloch Castle

A nice place to stop on the NE250, the ancient Inveravon Pictish Stones are a fascinating hidden gem.

Standing stones and cairns near Ballindalloch Castle

Upper and lower Lagmore Stone Circles near Ballindalloch and Bridge of Avon, don't drive by our history - stop for a look!

A visit to Clava Cairns located near Culloden battlefield

An amazing trip back in time to view the 4000 year old burial cairns and standing stones at Clava Cairns.

Visit Sueno's Stone, a large Pictish carved Monolith in Forres

Visit the 1100 year old Sueno's Stone, a carved standing stone of Pictish origin in Forres, Moray. Find out more.