Alvie Forest Food

Written by Chris Thornton | 17th of May 2023
Alvie Forest Food

Alvie Forest Food at Dalraddy is a unique dining experience located in the heart of the Scottish Highlands within the Cairngorms National Park. Set in a tranquil and picturesque forest, this food stall offers a delicious menu made from locally sourced, seasonal produce from the Dalraddy Estates.

Alvie Forest Food is renowned for its commitment to sustainability and ethical food practices, with a menu that reflects the natural surroundings and the changing seasons. If you're looking for a hearty meal after a day of exploring the outdoors Alvie Forest Food at Dalraddy is the perfect destination for foodies and nature lovers alike.

I had read many great things about Alvie Forest Food on Facebook groups for Aviemore; everyone recommended an outdoor food stall at Dalraddy Holiday Park just south of Aviemore. We were checking out the watersports at Loch Insh and thought we would grab a bite to eat at Alvie Forest Food Kitchen on the way home to our accommodations at Scandinavian Village.

We weren't sure what to expect; all we knew about the food stall was it was at the Dalraddy Holiday Park entrance just off the B9152.

The car park near Alvie Forest Food. They share seasonal ingredients foraged locally.
The spacious car park directly next to the food stall.

The core menu at Alvie Forest Food

Here are the main dishes available at the food stall regularly; however, specials are available from time to time. Check their Facebook page for the latest updates.

Panko breaded North Sea haddock wrap
with tomato salsa, lettuce and black garlic aioli £9

Single or double smash burger
BBQ burger sauce, lettuce, pickles, bacon jam, cheese and onions
Single £6.50 Double £10 add fries £2.50

BBQ Brisket
Loaded Fries with Spicy Slaw - £10

North Sea haddock goujons
Coated in Panko breadcrumbs served with tartare sauce, fries, and lemon - £11.50

Roasted Winter veg
with Harissa, pickled slaw loaded fries - £8.50

House-seasoned fries - £3.50

Dessert of the day - £6

Alvie Forest Food | Contemporary street food dishes
The menu board

Our order!

I'm a sucker for a burger, so I chose the double smash burger with fries. My wife Janette chose the BBQ brisket-loaded fries... we were issued a buzzer that would go off when our order was complete, we sat below a little tent just across from the food stall. It was lovely just listening to the birds in this peaceful forest setting.

Tented seating. Cairngorms National Park.
Very cool outdoor seating.

The buzzer went off, and I collected our takeaway. Both meals were absolutely amazing, but the brisket-loaded fries were just completely next level; I have to say I was a little green with envy that I didn't choose the loaded fries myself. Not that the burger was bad... the high-quality beef and bacon jam made this one of the best burgers I've ever had... but those brisket fries... damn!

Smash burger! Classic favourites.
My double smash burger!
Brisket fries. Produced sourced and reared on Alvie Dalraddy.
Brisket fries (OMG).
Janette eating her brisket fries.
Janette very much enjoying her loaded fries.

How to get to Alvie Forest Food

Dalraddy Holiday Park can be found 5 miles southwest of Aviemore; follow the B9152 for around 11 minutes, you will see large signs for Dalraddy Holiday Park.

Alvie Forest Food on Google maps

Dalraddy Holiday Park signage.
The entrance signage as seen from the main road.

Cabin Coffee

Just to the left of Forest Food is Cabin Coffee, a lovely-looking little coffee trailer. It's a little expensive ish, and you only get a little cup, but it's nice high-end coffee.

Coffee Cabin.
Cabin Coffee.

Dalraddy Holiday Park

The park itself is fantastic, offering camping, chalets and caravans. We took a quick stroll around the park; the forest setting is very special, bird feeders are everywhere, and private owners have beautifully decorated their caravans.

Caravans. Alvie Dalraddy Estates.
Caravans within the holiday park.

Alvie Estate

Directly next to the holiday park is Alvie Estate where Alvie Forest Food sources most of its food. In addition to the holiday park, the estate has much to offer, including:

  • Apartments and cottages

  • Clay pigeon shooting

  • Squirrel and red deer photography

  • Archery

  • Quad bike tours

  • Zip trek park

  • Gorge walking and canyoning

If you are interested in foraging wild food, check out my guide to foraging in Scotland.

FAQs on Alvie Forest Food

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Alvie Forest Food:

Are there toilets at Alvie Forest Food?

Yes, toilets are available directly next to the kitchen behind Cabin Coffee.

What are Alvie Forest Foods' opening hours?

Normal opening hours are:

Tuesday - Sunday: 12 - 4 pm / 5.7.30 pm.
Monday: 3 - 7.30 pm.

Where can I find out the specials at Alvie Forest Food?

The best way to see what specials might be on offer at Alvie Forest Food is to check their Facebook page. It's worth checking as some really special meals can be offered.

Is Alvie Forest Food suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Yes, Alvie Forest Food offers vegetarian and vegan options on their menu. They are happy to accommodate dietary requirements, so be sure to let them know if you have any specific requests.

Does Alvie Forest Food have outdoor seating?

Yes, Alvie Forest Food has outdoor seating areas as well as tables you can stand at too, where you can enjoy your meal surrounded by nature. We sat under a little tarp tent!

Is Alvie Forest Food child-friendly?

Yes, Alvie Forest Food welcomes families with children. They offer a children's menu with kids portions for £7.50, or £8.50 for fish.

Can only holidaymakers at Dalraddy Holiday Park go to Alvie Forest Food?

No, anyone can purchase food from the food stall, so don't think you must stay on-site to try these amazing dishes. We just parked up and placed our order.

Where can I visit after I've eaten?

Here are a few choice places a short distance from Dalraddy Holiday Park:

Food foraged grown and reared on Alvie Estate.
Alvie Forest Food.


The buzz around Alvie Forest Food was deserved entirely; it was just brilliant and well worth taking the short trip from Aviemore to experience it. Check out their core menu above or the specials on their Facebook page... you won't regret it!

All information was correct at the time of writing, please check things like entry costs and opening times before you arrive.

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